Literally HIGH and wild


After a LONG MISERABLE TALK with dear, I felt guilty…
Mummy dropped me off at Botanical Gardens at 9pm. I walked into Botanical Gardens…telling my mummy that my friends were there waiting for me…
BUT, I called dear. Just to inform him, I’m going up.

After Station 46, I fished out my camera, and started snapping through the whole hike to keep me occupied, therefore I wouldn’t feel like I was gonna die from exhaustion of muscles.

It was fun I tell you. But I had on my Converse Cap all the while, just afraid that people might IDENTIFY me to my daddy…in future references…


Called dear when I stopped to check out Richmond, but the line got cut off when we were still talking.

Cute tourists on the Golf Carts. I remembered that one lil boi was greeting me =)

I needed something as a REWARD. hahah. So, I indulged myself with AN EXPENSIVE 3 BUCKS 100PLUS!
well, at least it was my favourite, lemon-lime flavour.

Tsyr was bugging me like hell, worrying about me under the CIRCUMSTANCES I presume.

I met Tsyr’s Dad, Chee Ning & Jia Tian.

Apparently, they CLEANED the bunglow first.
Pn.Oung was still at the Station at the foot of the hill, waiting for the rest of the group.

We -Jia Tian & Tsyr’s Dad- headed up to the upper Station to meet up the rest that were on their way.
Chee Ning & Tsyr waited at the bunglow.

When I saw the GQ gang -Gossip Queens-, Nikki, Sze Sze, Sarah & Ying Ting especially…
I was like…wuhkay, is there a dresscode memo I misplaced? Cause people seem to have dressed to Party like Disco style.

I bought LAKSA back for Chee Ning. Sze & her gang -Angelyna, Nikki & Ah Hui- rode the jeep down to Richmond, while Sheng Hui, Sarah, Doe Chan, Ying Ting, Jia Tian & Myself took ‘Transport 11’ down…manually.

Back to the partay destination, people were settling in.
Then, my twister mat was spreaded out, Sheng Hui’s Mac Book was in Place and Socket, readay to tumble Penang Hill!

I was too caught up Mario Kart-ing with Yi Hui that we didn’t quite help prepare the feast.

The food was alright. Nothing spectacular as I expected I guess…hahaha, no offense to the ‘chefs’.

It was kinda a bore that I was lucky to have debut my camera -oh well, MUM’S CAMERA- for today.
-NOTE: PINK IS DEFINITELY NOT MY CHOICE OF COLOUR. My mummy got the cam for free somewhere.-

Angelyna, Sze, Ah Hui, Nikki, Gaik Lan, Boon Pei, Doe Chan left the eating scene at around 8-9pm. awwwhs
=( Tomorrow is Sze’s bday and they are having a COUNTDOWN for her…lucky lil luxe. We shall be seeing it on FB I guess.

Sheng, Myself & Ning Ee were the Cleaners of the day!
The rest of them were being “hiao-hiao” -as Sarah would put it, X)-

Another round of twister with ME finally in the game was inevitable.
Tsyr was being…emo-loner for some reason, with Chee Ning by her side…whispering?
Card Games…and then BOREDOM. ON A HILL.

DARES were in play.
1st DARE- Jia Tian flirts with a Pole -seemed more like tranny-pole-dancing to me…HAHAHAHAHAHAH. No pun intended-
2nd DARE-Chee Ning steps out to the ‘garden’ which was muddy after the rain, BAREFOOT.
3rd DARE-Shu Mei vs the TOAD. Yup, gottaa capture a toad, just another day.
4th DARE-Sheng vs. Flashing @ Pn.Oung. Alright, with a CAMERA. ahahahah. I still wanna APOLOGIZE to Sheng Hui. I TOTALLY FORGOTTEN TO TURN OFF THE FLASH CONTROL!
we stopped after Sheng’s…-I’m not surprised at all at that.-
Well, 2nd part of the 4th Dare since the 1st part was unsuccessful…was to DANCE with a BROOM. wasn’t that BAADD.
Sarah joined in for the vocals too =)

People will like lieing around, moaning at some point when I WAS FEELING HYPER!

SUPPER! Patties & Bread! was a’right.
Then…Photo Session.
Geee was I annoyed with Jia Tian showing off her camera…going all “oh, Mine’s better than yours…more pro…BlaBLAHBLAAH.”
so what? I still think mine PWNED yours in OVERALL! Battery life, appearance…ohh yeah PWNED.

Out of the Blue, Jia Tian gotten all DRAMATIC when Chee Ning whispered something to her about what Tsyr said…
gee, running out like that…seriously, DRAMA QUEEN MUCH?
People won’t notice something’s wrong unless you WANT then to notice something’s up.
Me and Sarah watched and stalked her from a distance just in case.

After the tension, we cooled off…
agreeing on CHUCK! WOOT!
People were being KO-ed while me & Ying Ting were the remaining two.
I could tell CHUCK was such a put off for them, so I switched to TWILIGHT for YING TING =)
but she got PWNED by myself too. hahahahahh.
anyways, I watched one of Sheng’s “personal dances”
I SWEAR, I opened it by ACCIDENT! since I’m not an APPLE-MAC user.
-Sheng literally SHRIEKED in the morning when she found out someone watched it-

I fell asleep eventually -surprisingly-
Tian shoke me to go watch the Sunrise but I was shivering, quivering..icy-cold and my eyes wouldn’t let me get up. So I screw it.

I woke up, EVENTUALLY, to FRIENDS =)
Sheng was a sleeper.
Then, it was round 2 of Steamboat & BBQ of leftovers + CHICKEN PIE -which the spoilt were complaining about…-

When the Mac was unoccupied…by MYSELF, they watched Twilight.
Oh, what the heck. I was busy HELPING to clear up and pack my stuff. Don’t wanna miss a thing.

I left the Scene of the Familliar faces I’ve been seeing soo much this year at around 11am…
gosh, we OUGHT to do this AGAIN NEXT YEAR! YE-DAZZLERS 2009!

I said goodbye to Pn.Oung with the help of Tsyr saying that my dad’s waiting..-NOT-
and my goodbyes to the rest of the Dazzlers…


Awesomeness, I was escorted down by a dog =) till Station 84
Sis is back in town today and came to pick me up.

I’m SOOO gonna miss this.


MISS the DAZZLING moments with DAZZLE ENTERPRISE already!!!

But, Imma be the one to HOLD US together with FACEBOOK…HOPEFULLY.




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