“6F level A”

Snatched from:
Random title mum said at Gurney Car Park, for some reason I think its darn hilarious?
Morning! Wash the Floor at the porch. Gotta admit, it was kinda fun? hahahahhh.
Noon SHARP, mum & I at Gurney P. We went for branch at some taiwanese restaurant next to Siam Express. IT IS THE ONE THAT WAS AT MIDLANDS! but WHAT a DISSAPOINTMENT. =( Blant food and the “so-called” set was sooo not worth the top up.
I saw the B’dazzling stand at Basement and mum B’dazzled her motorola pink & silver.
For some reason, the after-look is kinda not what I thought it would be…-not in a good way- its PINK. pink PINK.
Watsons. Mum’s in a wayy good mood today? Cause YAY! Revlon Noveau BLACK-AWESOMENESS!
Credits: Myself ; )
and it comes with BUY ONE GET ONE FREE PROMO. too bad, mum choose the other colour =( brownish.
Damn, MNG still no sale. and…I couldn’t find that black top with the girl ANYMORE =(
Wanted to buy a jersey tank top to go with my new Forever 21 black skirt but mum didn’t give me a chance to try any
-cause SHE didn’t try so, I can’t try or else the nagging of my “LOADED” closet will begin-
Eclipse had this AWESOMENESS snake-skin patterned fitting top. After discount-RM98 =( and it was the ONLY ONE LEFT. its sooo annoying how theres sooo many awesomeness clothes I’ve tried and never get to wear it EVER.
mum even asked “is that a boy or girl with her?”
“-long pause- don’t know…”

After that, heyy midlands. Mum needs to change her contacts lens and we ended up sharing a Prosperity burger =)
Snatched from:
Boiii do I miss those CURLY FRIES =P

mum as USUAL has to complain about everything. -If you don’t like it, don’t buy it!-
Curly Fries!

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