Around the Island for Pandan-Coconut-Jelly


you heard me with your ears not literally but witness in bold black and white, well, in bold print that SOMEONE is BANANAS for COCONUT JELLY.
C-O-C-O-N-U-T mentally ‘nuts’ as in gone wild for this C-O-C-O-N-U-T J-E-L-L-Y
3 Stalls so far thats lucky to be in our driving radius to be bought by Dad.
The Original coconut Jelly Store is is apparently a store with their legally obtained enterprise’s name- “JOEZ”.
But their coconut jelly is not good in taste.
Watery, sweet, not the coconuty kinda TOO sweet.
The first one mum bought from Pulau Tikus was the best.
Probably because it is claimed to be from THAILAND but this cannot be verified as the statement since the it is gotten verbally.
That one was AWESOMENESS. Coconuty Sweet, jellyish-ness, but relatively in a small portion.
Here is a quick image of how a coconut jelly is sold in for you coconut jelly virgins.


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