BTS: Preparation of Jen & Gyfer’s Penang Wedding

Original Postdate: 28/11/2009

The one with the Gold Balls & Boxes

Since 7.30 Gold Wedding day DAY,

Packaging of 250 Boxes of Ferero Roches (2 in each box, two whole gold goodness =P) 
Credits: Hayley Tan

Credits: Myself

Make me over -from neck up- !

3.00, Really After-noon
Mum…yelled at me for TRYING to be helpful…-as usual-, got us late for the hair & make up stuff, AND ALMOST SPOILT MY SURPRISE FOR SIS!
I was practicing the 3 songs -supposely 3, but some “impulsive” changes at the very last minute…- with my nano plugged on –
NOW do you GET it sis? that I didn’t wanna give you the other side of my headphone? (X )
THANKS sis for the LOVELY goldish-shiny make up. =) looked goooooodd. ❤ and loving mum’s Body shop lip gloss =) perfect colour. muchhho muacks.Dad picked us up kinda-sorta late cause he had “difficulties” with his belt -HE IS TOO SKINNY for it- and I practiced the songs through in the car.
THANKS dad for bringing the strepsils X)

The One with the Fiasco-Waits

Credits: Myself

5.00, Evening Fiasco-
At 5, me & mum arrived at Cititel. Room 1928 it was. but, we needed the room-key-card in the escalator to go UP to level 19! So, mum called Gyfer…THEN, bro came in saying HE has one. So, for god knows what reason, I have to wait for gyfer to come down…-bro, you SHOULD’VE wait downstairs…seriously, its not like you need to get into a dress or anything-
Funny story continues…Gyfer comes down, and says, he DOESN’T have a key-card. -bro one, sis one, thats it-. so, he asked for ANOTHER one at the reception.
Room 1928, the Bridal Suite. WISH that I’d have taken some pics of it. It was nice. Helped mum to fit in her Cheong Sam, her shoes and “wonder-woman-cuffs” XD
Credits: Hayley Tan

Then headed to the ballroom.
As usual, The H’s were early! -6pm sharp as told- But two other receptionists were missing. Apparently, Ying Ying and Jia Yee went for a hair-do with Aunt Deanna! -Better not snooze, ladies-
As always, Hannah was smashingness. -gosh, she ALWAYS DOES. Why? I’m like the cute one and shes the vixen. WHY?
– Black dress with huge jewelled necklace…-Awesomeness.
H’s, me and bro took a pic together =)
And then, I meet CHEE SENG and his Girlfriend, Rachel who will be singing tonight! Chee Seng was nice.
I did sound check with them.
Bro -still pushy-, TOLD me to go to the far end to check the speakers.
I heard Chee Seng saying something like “ni de mei mei hen hao ho.”
Bro,”hana. na li xiang wo de da jie”
Credits: Hayley Tan


Credits: Hayley Tan

Don’t Worry, Be HAPPY! 😉


Best wishes to the couple,



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