CHECK for Ms.Oh

A untypical meeting/hang out for me, Emily & Wendy.
Gosh it was nice to see Wendy.

wendy, Wendy, WENDYYY OHHH!!!


Billie? ;D

Wendy is still soo Wendy =)

Cute lil’ genius devious Wendy.
Hope you don’t mind me posting a pic of ya here 😉

I arrived at Starbucks first which was precisely 3pm.
Then came Wendy in Sweatpants and a huge hoodie-slipon-sweater.
We got talking!
mostly about her awesomeness boarding school life.
New Friends,New exhilarating experiences, New Knowledge, New Exposure. How New and mind-blowing.
Emily came with an un-yx-ness-ly cute white-flower-collared-sweet-top. HAHA
We caught up with Wendy and her very new Wendyness experiences.
She also got to caught up to our school’s gossips.
1500-1720 hours we chitter-chattered at Starbucks.
One with her tall,
One with her Venti Javachip later fiddling & bittin the straw,
One with her Grande iced latte before leaving the group left behind a straw, both ends with serious case of being bitten.
Me & Emily went to Popular and got talking about studies.
It was nice =)
I split with her at MPH as mum called.
It was nice just being able to hang out and talk.
Hypothesis is that I actually prefer just hanging out and getting to bond more with my friends than just going to a movie where everyone stares at a big screen which does not require any contact with the company.
Oh well, Friends like these are simply Friends.
Furthermore, when I got home, got a migraine from late Brain-freeze and carsick as I texted Wendy to contact me when She’s back from HK so that we can do this again.=)
Cherish Friends & good times,

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