Smooth -legal- Criminal

We went to “four seasons” to eat -again- with AMA and Tais. H’s, sis and gyfer weren’t there. By the way, Aunt Joanne went with us, so, we had to take TWO cars cause popo was also coming.
I sat the car which bro was driving.

Well, it wasn’t EXACTLY THIS CAR, but well, I can see him driving this smooth car!
Seriously, braking and all, he doesn’t jerk the car like mum does!
Bravo, bro =) I knew you had a knack when it comes to cars, just imagined that you would’ve been a lil reckless.
I didn’t get to sit with Jia Hui =( -like she would have a lot to talk to me =/ –
After the dinner, we went to Ama’s house and met up with Da jie and Gyfer.
To make woot? TONG YUEN. Shi hao was as usual being experimentally childishly funny, trying to set a records for rolling the most balls in his palm. -well, that sounded a lil more like Chuen with the ball part, HAHAHAHH-
Then, head home, and I got ALL worked up.
It’s kinda-sorta last minute -obviously- but I made up my mind to sing a few songs during the wedding dinner tommorow.
Hannah helped me to pick songs -I had a list, a LONG one- and bro who told me to wait for him ISN’T HELPING, no input AT ALL.
THANKS AGAIN HANNAH -I wonder whether you are annoyed by me..ahahaha.-
So, the FIRST selection was:
Because you loved me-Celine Dion (My dedication to sis)
That’s what friends are for (Dedication to sis from An Yen)
I don’t wanna miss a thing-Aerosmith (For the Couple)
Wonderful Tonight-Eric Clapton (For the Couple)
After a chat with claire…
Because you loved me (cut) -Kuhlaire go that high pitch she said =( I was counting on her. And its true, we can’t take on a CELINE DION song-
so leaving the rest! -Kuhlaire will sing That’s what friends are for with me =) THANKS KUH-LAIRE-
Hopefully…Chee Seng can PLAY these songs. Especially wonderful tonight and That’s what friends are for…cause  I’m suddenly SOO OBSESSED WITH WONDERFUL TONIGHT and That’s what friends are for is from An Yen, I don’t wanna screw it up.
Gosh, Aerosmith’s is gonna be a tough one. It’s good but, I just kinda hope Chee Seng can’t play it. HAHA.
As I was afraid Chee Seng can’t play ANY -I think thats unlikely but for SAFETY MEASURES- I went exploring internet for karaoke versions. DARN it, no luck at all…only damn youtube has them.
My dear dear Dear, Chuen helped me download them from youtube.
awesomeness <3!! Thankfulnessssss! I felt soooo bad for some reason.
anyways, I really tucked myself in REAL LATE. -after I got all the sing-songs stuff done- Gyfer and sis went to pick up his cousin from USM.
Smooth Accomplice,

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