Hill Thoughts


I saw TWO FAT CENTIPEDES today, one deceased tho’…
and a tiny Crab?
Don’t you wish that your eyes can take virtual images into your brain that can be transmitted into your comp?
Just imagine, every BLINK, an image is taken.

ummm…ANY image. Not a scan-see-through-cam.

Well…the FIRST MICROCHIP-SIZED camera has to be invented first…
but of course, having DSLR photo quality! šŸ˜‰
then incorporateĀ with contact lens =)
“Can you keep up?” “Daddy..BOY..ya make me lose my breathe!!”
well, at least theres improvement this time!
Anyhow, I think Dad likes me to hike with him so that he can burn twice the calories! HAHAHAHAH.
I mean, Cycling UP then RUNNING DOWN at flat parts.
Gee, have you wondered whether going downhill on a bike without brakes…will biker perform a SOMERSAULT?
I enjoy moments of going downhill with NO brakes apply…the RUSH…like Bella had in New Moon from the Bike Incident. I felt that.
and I felt FEAR later which came to my BrakingĀ conscious. OF COURSE, thats why I’m still here.
I wondered…will daddy be able to mountain bike when he has Grandkids?
well, Bro’s, not sis’s.
Swimming backwards makes us feel…free…like you’re floating on clouds..
Don’t look up at how High the Hill is, look at the Journey with beautiful serenity..
I guess Yi Farn isn’t that Platonic Friend after all.
I wanna meet Ashley Tan.
Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone invented a camera that is the size of the contact lens, and we and take pictures with our EYES??? HD BAYBEH!
You know what, I love thinking on my own.
I need a notepad or something to jot down…
I had 15 “topic of thoughts”. Now…what were they?
Oh well…
I figured if I become a Fashion Designer, I would have to Hike to get inspiration.. =)
Ranting randomly,

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