Upgraded? So have I.


Ughh, I dislike dinners with the Tans. NO OFFENCE. Its just all awkwardy…bro with his stale jokes…
Tonight, bro upgraded himself to the ADULTS TABLE to be with Jian Wei…
Poor, Lost Shi Hao..NOT.
Hayley just told me that THE FINAL WARNING is part if a SERIES called
THE FINAL WARNING, is apparently the THIRD BOOK.
And interaction begins! Hannah being Rudolph of the year to Helena’s Christmas Dinner, Hayley with the Books, Hannah and the Movies….I was on FIRE. No bro, No one word..instead, CONVERSATIONS.
Shi Hao was being funny =)
Qiao Wen commented that she liked my new hair style…I actually thought that she’d ask me about school stuff…but after I started to sorta snap at her…she reserved her mouth talking to ying ying. I guess the first encounter is a lesson? hahahah.
The rest of the dinner was really awesomeness. I felt like…myself! It’s the first time I had no deep thoughts, no “prepared” lines…ALL myself. =)
too bad the H’s didn’t head to Ama’s House after Dinner for the “homemade-movie” -My sis’s Wedding Video- It was kinda a waste of time I guess. Went home around 11PM.
Upgrade Me,

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