Educators, we call them


For Moral, Joycelyn Wong Jia Lis MUM is our teacher.


Holy,  I never thought I’d see her AGAIN after next year.
LOVED her speedy and compelling lessons!
This year, she loves her 5 mins I guess X)
She’s just sooo much more in a joking mood.
Additional Mathematics?
No more quiet, humble nice one,
but a REAL “CUTIE”, energetic Cheerful big bear! hahaahhh
She teaches REALLY detailed till you understand every step and origin…
She’s the awesomeness teacher, but the way she talks to us is like we’re kindy gurls..good, bad?
“GOOD JOB. VERY GOOD. You’re one step closer to success…”
Today is the first stayback of the year! first stayback of the decade! LAST first stayback of high school year…
STAYBACK for librarian duties.
Ahhh, JUST LIKE old times =)
the SAMEE awesomeness juniors,
the SAMEE childish Samantha,
the SAMEE fierce Chin Ling,
the SAAME chatty Joo Yee…
TOO BAD, its ALSO my LAST STAYBACK with them…

cause I just found out that my after-school-civics-classes are on TUESDAYS. SUCKER.
DAMN. Now I have to change…
same as Zherrr.
that’s alright, just probably won’t be as awesome…
First, Last.
I remembered the first time I walked into the former centre…all scared and awkward?
there are loads of new boys I see…
CRYSTAL CHAN. I didn’t think this year would’ve soo many people since loads of them thought of switching to other physics tuitions last year…
and guess who,
I guess I was a lil unhappy to see her? -okay. I admit that I AM freakishly jelous and competetive at times. but its not like I do anything DRASTIC about it…which is DUMB of me. DDDD….umb.-
I sat beside Wei Nian and Giselle -HSIANG HSIANG!-
Wei Nian was still as unattentive, using her cellphone all the way..

while I get called up by Bryan
oh-too-many times today. Which was a good thing? Cause I finally feel like I’m ON THE MAP around here. HAHHH!
but, I am still lonely…-ASHHHLEEEYY!!!-
at least there’s chatty Wei Nian X)
I was STARVING when tuition ended…
I WAS GONNA DIE OF STARVATION AND LACK OF ENERGY, since mum pk-ed me in the car…
gee, I SERIOUSLY DON’T KNOW WHAT “Unit Komputer & Ketua …-Binding-” is called in ENGLISH ALRIGHT?
I mean, what university admin would know what IS BINDING? they’d think of the CHEAP RING kinda BINDING alright. At Least I can call myself “IT Section”. Sorta kinda. But, I don’t even KNOW if there’s really a post like that…
I CAN VERIFY! just not now alright. its now like I’m APPLYING FOR ANYTHING MAJOR that REQUIRES THAT now?!

Signing off,

IT Section and Binding-in-charge,



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