Ah…who doesn’t LOVE an ALL YOU CAN EAT Breakfast counter…a COMPLIMENTARY one…
with Danish pastries, cereals, fruits, make-your-own-salad bar, roti canai, dim sum, eggs-cooked-YOUR-WAY, Japanese Soba noodles, miso soup, Cappuchino…
bro was stuffed from last night’s 5 person 4 course dinner he had, hahah, that he skipped breakfast since there was only FOUR complimentary breakfast, two each room…-phew, luckily I wasn’t leftout!!!-
OKAY, this is one of the BEST complimentary breakfast I had -well, in MALAYSIA, not including DISNEYLAND’S WESTIN here…X)-
which isn’t all about the QUANTITY and variety…but also the QUALITY =)
gee, do I regret not CAPTURING the moment
Christy called…I told her to save me a seat in our class THIS YEAR -its pre-back-to-school-day today- NEXT TO HER, but apparently, Song Nee’s ALONE…-awwww- and there’s this A class gurl alone too…-…naaa.Nee will KILL me XD- so, I told her to go right ahead and sit with the A classer.
I was actually hoping to re-bond with C…but, oh WELL, Nee will have her last blast X)
It turns out, there’s another wedding today, in the MORNING.
GREAT, mum ranting on and on again….raving how May Pearl’s wedding was sooooo much better…blallalalallallalalalahhh…
Mummy, Sar Yee and Daddy went roaming the resort/lodge with Daddy and my cam…-well, alright, not MINE mine- to CAM WHORE apparently -gee, sometimes I feel that my mum would make a better teen in my school than me…with that and her korean-taiwanese series frenzy- while I went back to the room to update myself on facebook and stuff…and ANTM DUHHHH =)
We checked out around noon and our family headed to Mid Valley to meet Uncle Chan and Auntie Mooi Guat.
We stopped by Careffour to get bro’s daily needs. While I got stuck, digging through a pile of RM10 BOOKS!
I caught two awesome books -I hope-
-not exactly THIS book-

Kakuro is kinda a mind-puzzle game apparently…
High Profile is a thriller I guess…
Mummy and I suddenly had to pee…it took us a while to get to the toilet and when we did…
HOLY, till NOW, I don’t get how ladies can take SUCH A LONG TIME to occupy/use a restroom’s cubicle…I mean, pee, zip, flush, LEAVE!!!
alright, maybe you’re having your p’s and need a change, but COME ON, 5mins?
That’s just ridiculous, are you crying, emo-ing or have something stuck in the bowl?
We met Uncle Chan and wife at this HONG KONG FOOD RESTAURANT.
Bro chowed 3-5dishes while I just nibbled on some awesome siu long pao and sipped some tea.
They were taking a while, so, I nested my eyes on THE A-LIST =)
Back to Sar Yee’s we went, to decide what to get for dinner with popo.
so, we decided to go to the same VEGETARIAN RESTAURANT as the last trip to KL we made…-ah well, it HAS good food. I mean, after such a heavy dinner last night…tonight doesn’t need to be that awesome too…-
but I WAS kinda hungry as I skipped lunch -thanks to the awesomeness breakfast-
We went to popo’s after dinner so that bro could grab some of his stuff -he’s moving to Sar Yee’s now after all the whining he made to mummy and the TAN FAMILY- KL SIDE fiasco-
Me and mum slept in May Pearl’s room, to make room for daddy and bro.
I like May Pearl’s room…cozy and PERSONAL..with “PICTURE OF YOU, PICTURES OF ME”, quotes, notes….I gotta make-over mine…I feel like I never have a second of being really satisfied with any of my posessions…wonder is it an over-obsession? naaa. DOUBT that.
I A-listed while mummy grabbed May Pearl’s LIPSTICK JUNGLE.
At least now she won’t nag me to sleep X)

A-list vs Gossip Girl,


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