Invigorating Day of the Decade

I HIT THE GYM today at Swimming Club after school.
I think Imma make this a WEEKLY PROGRAMME! X)
I’m sooo proud of myself.
I spent ONE HOUR in the gym =)
then, after “cleansing” myself from the sticky sweat, I stuck myself into the body-sticking swimsuit
-HAH! I still can wear it yeah!!! AND, Look BETTER THAN EVER in it! X)-
and went for a swim for 45mins.
Although I took 5 mins to finish one lap, the swimming after gym part is kinda to loosen my muscles so that I won’t strain them

-I remember hearing this from somewhere before…just forgotten where and how TRUE it is-

Dear Readers, Help me with this! =)

gee, I was darn intimidated by those swimmers which were in practice when I was in the pool.
Daddy came with mummy around 7.10pm as they were caught in the traffic
-outside my school, obviously-
We ate at the Snake Temple. Ingolf K’s not here anymore =( which sucks.
But there’s this new MALAY restaurant, “RASA SAYANG” which looked alright.
We all ordered different noodles and rice -individually- but I found that they all kinda just taste the same…
well, to ME.
Mummy swears that she’ll never eat there again.
Ameer’s tuition at night.
Gee, I’m like the only Chinese -well, there are the “think-they’re-soo-very-smart-and-superior” chinese twins which are a year younger than me. Other than them? Indians, Punjabi’s and Malay’s rule this tiny community.
This class has a LOT MORE people this year because it is a combination of form 4 & 5 since the afternoon class is now the “RM100-SPECIAL-LIMITED-TO-10-STUDENTS-ONLY-CLASS”
I wonder just how “special” it is…
Then, there’s this very “spoilt-girly” Malay Gurl who frickin ask silly questions and annoys me…sitting right IN FRONT of me.
-I sat really far behind as I was late-
and she’s effin FORM 5, I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT.
I went home for a relaxing dose of ANTM before dozing off.


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