Reality Rush


I woke up around 7am.
@ 8am,
we were having breakfast at some coffee house. I had lam mee,
while bro is sticking by his “I don’t take breakfast” motto, as always.
We FINALLY started our journey back to reality at 9am after dropping Sar Yee back home.
I was too sleepy after last night’s A List session, so I dozed off pretty quick during the ride back.
10.30am, @ Gunung Rapat

Daddy was “obsessing” over this “Kedai Kopi Kwong Hong” which he saw on a website and have the address/directions all scrawled on a tiny piece of paper.
We FINALLY found the place…lucky us I guess since it JUST OPENED for business.
We had noodles and it’s signature VEGETABLES YONG TAU FOO.
I didn’t ate much.
We finally continued our journey after an hour -mummy and daddy were browsing for MORE food...
and BRO drove.
-yeahh…bro’s hanging around for ANOTHER week. I don’t get how he can’t just save the bus ticket money and be in KL a week earlier…I thought you’re now a KL BOI…-

PENANG. ahhh, the smell of home, the town, the streets, the familliar roads, the familliar locales…=)
I supposely had some “back-to-school” preparations…but I ended up knocking out for 5 hours.
We went out for dinner and came back kinda late.
I FINALLY decided to pack at 9pm, sew on the hidous-green-form-5 ribbons...
-the colour is just
soooo OLD LADY OLDAUNTY-GREEN, well, its SENIOR YEAR. woohoo? or boohooo?

PCGHS’s Aunty,



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