seventeenth, SEVENTEEN.


So, today I went for Baskie @ 8.10am and I got the LAST spacious spot for the gurls table. -Chloe said she got there at 8AM and there were peeps already =O-

Daddy came back from his usual hill climb and told me that people were saying some Chung Ling Kias are missing after dragon boating out in the sea. I thought, hmmm, don’t see anyone I know joining DRAGON BOATING.

WHO KNEW, Ash called me and told me that Zi Jun, Brendon Yeoh and Yi Zhang, all the PCGPS kias are missing in the dragon boating incident, while Jason, Yann Ying’s long term bf is found…deceased.
I feel for Yann Ying because they were in a relationship for almost 3 years and still going strong…
they motivated each other in studies…
and they were always in touch…

BE STRONG CRYSTAL CHAN, I know you will, I know you CAN.

I believe you’ll just comeback as a STRONGER FIGHTER.

We’ll all be here for you, even tho’ I am not That close to you, but you can knock on my door anytime. And we shall hush the absent for it will only overwhelm you and all.

WHAT? was my first exact reaction…after watching news by news…I NEVER THOUGHT I’d be hearing to news with someone I ACTUALLY KNOW on it…why NOW?

It was getting dark and the three of them and one other form 4 student cannot be found…and Yan Xin told me that they are putting the search party to a HALT. WTH. HOW COULD YOU’VE DONE THAT!  Maybe one of them is still out there floating but now, you’re just endangering their life even MORE! Night is cold with stong currents…





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