Waters & Dragons are Villains


This morning, the mood in our school for the FORM 5s was COLD. ex-PCGPS-students and peeps who just knew the missing guys were all teary.

Charmaine was being emo,
Thian was being “talkative” about the situation,
En was being “be che”
Kar Yin was being down,
Jia Min was trying to be calm,
Cai Qian was being all weepy,
Khai Ling and her gang was crying their eyes out,
I? you ask?
Was just being myself, but feeling and praying for our guys to see land today!

At around 9am, Lee May -I’m guessing brought a cell to school, just an assumption!- told Jodie that Yi Zhang body has been found….his BODY, rest his soul.

and then,

they said Brendon’s body has been found near Gurney Drive, BODY AGAIN, rest his soul…
My first thought was, GURNEY? I hope he didn’t suffer from being hitted by the waves and the rocks on shore of Gurney…
I rather hope that they just drowned without suffering or struggling…

Everyone, I mean EVERYONE around me started crying with our Modern Maths teacher in class…she understood….
even SONG NEE who didn’t know them.

NOW, I’m starting to feel abnormal and heartless,
cause…I SIMPLY just COULDN’T cry out? It is just me or my heart? Maybe because I got choked up? or I’m just in a state of shock? or I just haven’t been in touch with them for sooo long?

After YEARS of training, no tears for this day…
Yi Wei was teasing me “haaa…that means you wouldn’t cry if I —?!?! *=O* you’re sooo cold…”

I went home to catch the afternoon news, and saw the news of the rescue team taking Yi Zhang’s body to shore…
he was wearing…the PSDC LEAD t-shirt....-mum said, my pjs-

I just stared at the television for that moment…
It is really sad how you’re connected indirectly to one

I had Chinese tuition today, I KNEW that the mood would be cold there since Zi Jun is one of the students there…
before I got down the car for class, Kar Yin texted me that they found the Form 4’s and Zi Jun’s body…may their soul rest in peace…
I was really down but still, no tears. Guys in Chung Ling has been shedding TEARS for them but I can’t squeeze out a single drop…its like drought.
Even our tuition teacher was weeping when I got there, so were the bois…
and then, he told us that ZI Jun was a student there and…YI ZHANG was a student in the AIR ITAM class. My eyes widen. Penang, IS a small place and for penang to lose 5 outstanding students, social butterflies and a teacher, penang shall mourn.


I might not shed tears, but my heart has been overworked for them…

May all their love ones just close their taps, and pray for a better next life for them,
never breakdown cause, you know they wouldn’t want you too. STAY STRONG, don’t think too much.

This has really been a wake up call to all, even the best of the best had their tragedy…we should appreciate our life, do not go complaining about your life because some has been robbed although they cherished theirs…
and appreciate the people who love you. Never push them away for silly reasons….Learn to say “I Love You.” even to your friends. No, its not gay, it is a mutual feeling.

I guess not everything has its reason for it to happen. does it?

I hope all of you are alright up there, and be a guardian angel for the one who are really beaten down because of your depature…



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