News Flash


The dragon boat tragedy made headlines for 3 days…

I never thought that there would be such a tragedy that would impact me that much…
not a tragedy in my life that will involve awesomeness people I’ve actually met and known…
but it is.
and this was suppose to be a new decade.

At 11pm in school, some Form 5s decided to head over to Jason’s funeral which was not far from our school.
I didn’t wanna go at first cause I didn’t really know him and I hate to feel disrespectful for not crying for him…, BUT I ended up going with my gang -without C.- because when they asked to fill in a petition/list of people who wanted to attend the funeral…I filled in thinking it was to attend YI ZHANG’S.

So, there I was, walking to Jason’s, with an umbrella in hand.
When we reached, I really couldn’t believe the amount of people, camera men and tears there.
I think Chung Ling used 6-7 buses -if I’m not mistaken- for students to attend the funeral.
There were mostly Chung Ling kias and LEOS as Jason was a really active LEO member.
I even saw a few of his friends who shaved their head for him. EVEN CHIEN MING.
Then, the unexpected, I met EBBY. He was telling me that he was really close to ZI JUN, he brokedown in the middle…
according to him, Zi Jun was keen on learning guitar and his very FIRST guitar lesson was suppose to be…that week…they were now raising money to get him GUITAR LESSONS.
Cien Zen came after that, saying I don’t need to contribute, and all I need to do is show up for the funeral with other ex-PCGPS students. I nodded, as a promise.

Alright, then, there were chinese customs. They gave us Ang Pows a handkerchief. Then, we walked by Jason’s open casket. Everyone who passed by the casket came back crying. BUT not me, AGAIN. En and Thian too since they didn’t know him well. The PCGHS LEO people were crying real hard. Cai Qian, Pei Ching, Wan Pei, Yng Shin…Yann Ying was numb I guess from all the previous unseen cryings…I gave a weak smile, she nodded back at me.
The Chung Ling Kias were just weeping, Chien Ming, Joel Hng, Shaun Ong, … I even saw Bryan Teow and Jhensen there.

Physics tuition after school was cold in a not so literal sense…
Everyone was kinda silent. Bryan rant on about the “lessons of life”…

Faulty Tear Ducts,



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