Our Night, or Pn.Chan’s?


I CAN’T BELIEVE peeps here have to be FORCED by teachers to come up with performances for GRADUATION NIGHT.
GRADUATION NIGHT in my opinion, is a night where we create awesomeness high school memories, last chance to accomplish last wild stunts together…Sorta like a PROM NIGHT.
BUT, graduation night in PCGHS is LIKE NO OTHER. yess, FIRST, EVERY EFFIN CLASS has to prepare performances…and AUDITION. and one of the judge is our school’s VICE PRINCIPLE.
HOW FUN can one night be when soooooo many things are RESTRICTED.
FINE, we WON’T get to flaunt different “prom” dresses, fashion, gowns…
FINE, we WON’T get to flaunt the hotties in our arms…
FINE, we WON’T get to make fun of teachers…
FINE, we WON’T get to have more TEENAGER “activities”
FINE, we WON’T get to DISCO…
BUT, why won’t we get to ORGANISE IT ON OUR OWN?!
-with THIS MANY LIMITATIONS of course-

AND, lemme tell you, its NO FUN having to be forced to do something on a night you wanna remember…
PERFORMANCES should be something EFFORTLESS and FUN from anyone, not POINTING A GUN in ones head so that ideas which are APPROPRIATE -to TEACHERS- will pop out…
ANYWAYS, back to why I started this post.
SOOO, IRIS THE BLACK BEAUTY of S5C is in-charge of our class’s performances. Each class has to prepare TWO performances. and there’s kinda a “competition” among the CHOSEN performances.
Since the periods before recess were all TEACHER-LESS -seriously!!!-, Iris started on about the class item and interclass performances.
The Class item is kinda a MUST for everyclass whereas the Interclass is which the performances of the chosen classes will be “competing” against each other.
At first, they were going for a sketch which had a bunch of Taiwanese celebrities
S.H.E. -which I DEFINITELY don’t like- is in the sketch…
and they BOBBA CHOSE ME to be HEBE.
WHY ON BOBBA EARTH?? I will never know…
I mean, I’m not girly or whatever.
BUT, Renee had another idea which then become our class item!!! instead of the sketch.
Renee suggested an ACAPELLA, which she watched on youtube,
Green Capital (Shadow Feet)
Sooo..EVERYONE in S5C HAS to be involved…there will be 4 groups: vocals, low pitch, high pitch, DANCERS.
While Juan Wen is the lead vocals and Renee the beat-boxer =) -two awesomeness people-
YEAH, I chose to be a DANCER since the group looked like it needed more members.


Let the steps move me,

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