So Much for Morning Exercise,

Today, is a school day…
its SUKAN TARA were EVERY STUDENT has to take part, earning points for their respective houses.

Me = Blue = BLUE HOUSE! =D

Each person had to
Long Jump – I stepped RIGHT ON the line but the dude there FOULED me.
Then, it was “LONTAR PELURU” our team headed to.
There, “EDNA MODE” -my former EVIL Chinese Teacher-
accused me of not TRYING HARDER at the LONG JUMP which was RIDICULOUSLY FAR. But I really think that I could’ve gotten that ONE MARK for the team.
Geee was the bar for “lontar peluru” set REAL EASY compared to long jump. EVERYONE should earn that ONE MARK. Its the easiest. Even a 4y/o can get that one mark.
NOW, the most feared HIGH JUMP. But my MOST ANTICIPATED event =)
Alright, so, weird thing the other night, I woke up being a lil numb or shall I say PARALYZED at the legs…and I fell as soon as I got off the bed, then I got up and fell and kept moving, which means, I was DRAGGING MY KNEES ON THE FLOOR.It took a second for me to realise that, hey, this is painful. Then, NOW, I have some pretty damaged pair of knees.
I guess I was SOO WORRIED of my EXPOSED KNEES for hitting the dirty pole -after applying the cream- hat I MISSED!!! GAHHH!!!!!! I KNEW I COULD! Green House Iris Lim and Yi Wei were laughing at our pathetic team…


The 100meters run was not easy on us Form 5s too.
20s for one mark if I’m not mistaken. For our class, only Zher Yew and I managed to get that one mark. For the form 3s…it looked soo easy for them…am I OLD already? geez.
That 4 events took us Morning Session peeps 2 HOURS to finish. So, everyone had recess at around 10am. Then, there was a Road Safety Campaign kinda Talk held in the school hall for ALL of us. BUT, I managed to slip outta it…cause…of YE! The NEW GENERATION of YE is having their AGM today and we, as EXPERIENCED seniors, Ex-Achievers, are suppose to give some advice to them…in general and on their respective posts…yep, SUPPOSEDLY. *AHEM*
For ME? It was kinda like a gathering for us DAZZLERS =) Only missing some peeps like Yi Hui and Chiao May…
Sheng Hui, Sarah, Ying Ting and Myself were chatting ALL THE WAY, with no sense of time or manners -seeming its their AGM and how inappropriate we were by talking KINDA loud- Sheng Hui then had to help out with teaching them to FOLD THE ROSES, leaving Sarah and myself. So, we talked about our class…the WEIRDOS.
WHO KNEW, Sarah doesn’t like the People I dislike in CLASS! SHOCKING. hahahaaa, with the way I’ve seen her mingle with THOSE TWO.
Sad to say, time doesn’t stop for us to catch up.
We went our seperate ways just minutes before the bell rang.
SO, I went hiking with Dad after School. -because I’m about to stuff myself tonight-
We took “The Road Not Taken”.
Well, the road not taken before. THIS SERIOUSLY FITS THE POEM!

Seeing how the path was filled with green lushes greenery.

It is the path near moongate and the path was really raw, not maintained. The kinda which seems adventurous. Daddy took a detour instead for today because his HIKING GANG is. On the way, there were “snake-like” roots which hit me, I SHOULD’VE BROUGHT MY CAM SINCE DAD TOOK THE BACKPACK. AND, the greenery through the path was real shady with dark greeneries which made the scene look like FORKS from TWILIGHT…with the mist…OHH! AWESOMENESS.
What sucked was that this road was taking FOREVER with its UPS and DOWNS. It should be just UP, UP, UP! AND BEYOND!

And when it does, it is SUPER STEEP. Moving on, this path actually links to station 84! Near the toilet booths. It took us -mainly ME- an HOUR to get to 84 which was just HALF of the journey.
Anyways, I met daddy’s HIKING GANG which were packed with WINE.
I actually think daddy’s needs to relax and just have fun with them, but I guess seeing how I WAS with him, he didn’t stayed on till they pop the corks. “Ahh, don’t wanna expose your daughter to BAD ELEMENTS like us I see.” hahaha. MAYBE? But MY DADDY DOES DRINK with them!
Cause mummy “caught” him with alcohol breath before when he came down.

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