Yi Wei Wei, Tan Wei Wei, Wei Wei WEIII…

I’ve been dealing with your antics since FORM 1 and its the LAST YEAR NOW! well, MAYBE-
So what if I ate with Nini, I didn’t excluded myself from you when I did. It was an OPEN INVITATION. The canteen ISN’T MINE. And WHATS WRONG with eating with Nini, I wasn’t dissing you. I just wanted to be a GOOD FRIEND by ACCOMPANYING HER.
Its not like you would chat like theres no tomorrow with me during our stayback lunch break…IN FACT, you rarely do. Not to EACH OTHER, more like a SHARING SESSION?

You know I love you Tan Yi Wei. In a friend kinda way.

No matter how much you annoy, irritate, infuriate, aggravate, exasperate me with your silly antics,
I’m always the silence breaker.


I’ve put both feet in on every friendship, its just a matter of which one clicks on the best and lasts...

I did not do no wrong, and I had to suffer a WHOLE EFFIN STAYBACK ALONE because Tsyr and Zher were on your side.
Well, you are the emotional one, but don’t I get to be Emotional?
I feel like I’m mostly the one who has to be SANE and MONO-EMOTIONED one when it comes to friends. -excluded for SOME of you SPECIAL ones-

Don’t I DESERVE at least ONE person on my side too? You know, to balance things out?
Are my friendships gonna sink into a blackhole as I stride on into the deeper seas? Where the sharks and danger are?

The stayback was EXCRUCIATING. I felt sooo out of place… all I did was stayed in the counter and arranged the book shelves while you THREE ran off.
Yi Wei Wei, I’m in your life but you can choose to push me out. But you didn’t, instead, you play your antics with me cause…you know I’m the only one who can put up with you? I guess that counts for something…right?
Lets just cherish the times. Sane or Insane, I’m always gonna stick to you. Brawling or not, it is still moments =)
I’m just letting out my frustrations, I’m not really PISSED OFF at you alright =) -IF you’re reading- just FRUSTRATED.

Nini and Weiwei?

get alonggg!


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