Sexy-5ied Champions

In conjunction of the School’s 90th Anniversary,
My School found a way to turn us into their slaves,
suck our money
at the same time, to raise money for our POOR school. -Literally-
Each class had to sell stuff -kinda like a food fair-for TWO WEEKS
after arranging around 8-7classes to sell a day.
The classes selling on the same day will be “Competing” with each other.
To win…I have no idea what, but I bet it is something crappy from the school Co-op or something…


Alright, I DID dreamt that I forgotten the mangoes and some other disaster…
& I DID woke up late (6.40am) compared to my BETTER DAYS.
Our class settled in Classroom A4 for today.
Me, Thian, En, Christy, Jia Min and Song Nee sold ROJAK.

My mangoes were FREE -thanks to the maid who supplied to me from her owner’s tree-
and SUPER SOUR, cucumber by Thian,
Jambu Air by C
and Pineapple from Song Nee.
En brought the mang kuang, “He Ko” sauce, crushed peanuts
and even sambal which will be mixed with the fruits for…ROJAK.
We sold them for RM2 per STICK -like fondue- and RM3 per box.
Kar Yin sold Chee Cheong Fun
-apparently, her uncle sells them at Mount eskrine’s market-
Other stuff sold by our class were:
Nasi Lemak, Tom Yam Bi Hun, Char Siew Rice – RM3 (Shu Yui)
Kerabu Bi Hun *THUMBS UP* -RM2 (Juan Wen)
Nugget, Sausages, Balls…– Poh Ying, Kai Xing, Wen Xin, Jie Lun, Khang Yi-
Yam Cake -RM1 per slice (Charmaine…specifically her GRANDMA)
it had loads of YAM in it and DRIED SHRIMP toppings-
Oreo Cheese Cake, Cookies, MOIST MOSAIC CAKE
-AWWWH! awesomeness-
-Yuen Lin, Cai Yun, Iris (From Yuen Lin’s sis’s shop –
Jelly, Sweets – (Zher Yew, Zi Yun)
Popsicles with Jelly!!! -RM1.50 (Zi Yun)
Sushi from SUSHI KING – RM2 for 3 (Bee Tzi)
-GOSH were the sushi the TINIEST I’ve EVER SAW?-
Milo with/without ice – Ying Yun, Sarah
French Toast, with/without Cheese – Yong Ling, Jan See
Electrify Game – Renee. Poor thing.
Some teachers started roaming.
Our rojak and chee cheong fun were selling at a good pace, good start.
Too bad Shu Yui’s nasi lemak and others came later.
Before that, Thian, En, Jia Min were figuring out how to prepare…
pricing…cutting styrofoam boxes and sticks.
While, Song Nee and Kar Yin went into the staffroom to sell their Chee Cheong Fun. They came back all smiles with their first few sales made. We then went out to check the COMPETITION.
It seemed like there wasn’t much variety today, compared to the other days.
S5H has posters for RM1 each.& it looks like someone brought their iphone/itouch to school
P5D Jou Ee is doing FACIAL MASKS for ONE MINUTE services.
-SAMANTHA LIM was her FIRST customer- As I met her at the MONEY CHANGER.
OH YEAH, I’m in charge of keeping our cash in tact.
Time to SELL!!! Swarming BEGINS! Our rojak stall was DEPRESSING!
Shu Yui’s were selling like hot cakes!
That Song Nee that was handling the Chee Cheong Fun Stall had to went over to help Shu Yui instead. Business was alright for our stall as we meet people I know =)
Some just…ran away.
I was AFRAID this would happen…the fruits were packed nicely but there weren’t many buyers.
The nuggets were also being SNATCHED alongside the popsicles.
Mostly crowded on the front part of the calssroom.
Thanks Rui, Irys, Juniors…People I know who supported our ROJAK.
Approaching 11am


Our amount of boxes and sticks left look the same to me.
From THAT point on, we were throwing more fruits into one box than before!
Everyone seem restless…
Song Nee was PULLING me to sell more in the staffroom…
Our beloved Physics teacher, Ms.Chan came around THIS time…she REALLY DID support us =)
Doe Chan CAME! I FINALLY heard the story of the Name DOE CHAN X)
Juan Wen was glomping Doe, HAHAHAHAHH
Guess what? Ms.Chan watches ANIME? but not the childish ones like POKEMON XD
&& she imitated the “PIKA-PIKA-CHU!” X)
I saw Thian, En, C and Jia Min taking rojak into the staffroom..
Jia Min was holding a bowl of sauce and wooden spoon in the mixing bowl!!! hahahh
Electrify was NICE.
Food prices were lowered,
our classmates were DESPERATE!
Some were just giving out for free just so that they don’t have to bring it home,
MOST just lowered prices.


Promoting -a lot- was done in the staffroom
THANKS Teacher Choo Kim Yiak
& the lovely Teacher Chew Yen Nee! FOR BUYING! X)
Teacher Choo bought THREE PACKETS of Chee Cheong Fun TODAY!
Chew Yen Nee was the ONLY afternoon session teacher at that time…
She bought cause we were bugging her how she didn’t support us
-me & Song Nee- so, she bought ONE.
THEN, she came to our class, wacking me, saying she bought EARLIER
and that she shouldn’t have come to school early…
HAHA, too LATE to BE LATE now huh?! XD
Around 11.30am
Shu Yui & KarYin’s stuff were STILL SELLING.
The others were packing up and camwhoring away…
I’m happy that I got to snap with a few classmates today =D
Thian said that I’m good at self-capture.
Some funny and momento stuff were RECORDED too!!!


After more snapping, results for today’s Jumbo Sales is OUT

1. S5C-RM2000

-after we took our class fund to get a nice rounded up lump sum-

2. S5H-RM1500
-SHOULDN’T HAVE cracked our fund =( HUGE DIFFERENCE!-
I took one FREE tom yam bi hoon home.
For Mummy, since I WAS FULL!
but thirsty…Drank Shandy back home, after dropping off a letter for mummy.
I WAS SOOO TIRED that I SLEPT from 3-6pm!!!
No physics for today since Chung Ling kias having their test.


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