Today was suppose to be an awesome day out for me.
Mummy enrolled me through I.D.I which supposedly is the BEST in penang?
-I wanted to go with Jia Yin to Mr.Ang…=(-
SOoo, I followed daddy to Butterworth at the usual time he goes to work. He used the ferry today.

knowing me…

Crap happened.

We waited 45mins since the I.D.I offices open at 8.00AM
After a long wait, The offices were opened. Other people were there too for the “Undang-course” where we have to sit in FIVE EFFIN HOURS and listen to someone jabber on about Traffic Rules…


One gurl forgotten to bring HER I.C. and the administrator there -Ms.Tan- said they NEED it…
GUESS WHAT? YUP, I left my I.C. in my OTHER pouch when I went to the School’s Food Fair!!!
I called mummy, I gotten a lecture then I asked Ms.Tan if there was anything she could do. She said no.

So, I asked if she could kindly arrange someone to drop me off the Jetty.
OH! You’re the one from PENANG. Mrs. Tan’s daughter?
She said since I came ALL THE WAY from Penang, she’s gonna pull some tricks off her sleeves for me.
All Mummy needed to do was Fax my I.C. and she did, at AMA’S HOUSE.

-guh-reat, another way to spread my embarrassment…-

And sooo, I was on time. When I got into the room for the “Five-Hour-Talk” to register, the lady kept EMPHASIZING, “Dia tak bawa I.C. punya, fotocopy punya.” EVERY OTHER BEING in there was giving me looks…JAYSUS.

Sis was texting me through out this “incident”.

How much more unlucky can I get?!?!?!?!

Bro said when he came for this, the Malay dude was very cool and told them that anyone that doesn’t wanna listen can do what they want…but NOOO, I had a CHINESE DUDE.

Which wants your FULLEST ATTENTION and frickgin BRAGS about how his advices got to people…BLAHHHBLAHBLAHHH. My bag with revision books were a waste.

All I could do was “go fishing”. THAT I can’t help. At least the embarassment spread as this Chinese Dude started off with asking men to tuck their shirts in then asking questions which didn’t go well for some…

The Breaktime was around 12.00pm for Half an hour.

I had some noodles at their so-called Cafetaria.
And a drink. Teh Tarik.

The Long day was finally over and I’m treated like a normal being by Mat.

Mat is kinda like the TRANSPORTER, HAHAH. And HEY, he remembers BRO. Said “Dia tu selalu pakai headphone punye, pakai glasses kan?”
He’s a cool guy.

But his slang is kinda a barrier, hard for me to catch his drift at times.

Went for the “Undang-Computer-test” today at this shabby office.
We reached there around 9.00am and there were already, oh I don’t know, 50people there?!?!?!?!

Anyways, I was reading through the damn book. cause I didn’t studied it at all, well, I did just read through it yesterday, only after I did some “sample-computer-tests” I downloaded from the internet

-HAH! save me RM5 on the CD-

Anyways, I failed my Sample test
SOoo, I’m kinda scared.
But at least now I know which stuff comes out more.

I gotten even more nervous when some chitter-chatter of chinese gurls came out

saying how badly they bombed the test.

Sis said she’ll be speechless if I did failed it. FINALLY, AFTER 3 HOURS OF STANDING. I got into the room, then a cubicle which seperates everyone. I took the test, finished it in 20 mins -WOOTS-

AND I GOT A 49/50!


Then, again, Mat drove me to the Jetty.

For some reason, I love taking the Ferry…

“I have a THING for Ferry boats”,


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