A Day of Two Schools


I feel like I’ve just been school for TWO TIMES in a day.

Today was MADNESS.

After school, there was supposedly this Talk given by our school teacher on BIOLOGY that will help us tackle our exams.
COMPULSORY that everyone STAYED BACK to listen to a teacher ramble on about 80% of tips that we ALREADY know…AWESOME.
I decided to skip that crap since I NEEDED to practice my piano for TRIAL TEST TONIGHT.
If I STAYED! I’d have less than 15mins to get home after that crap and freshen up myself for TUITION!!!
I went home. No Worries. Song Nee will take attendance for me by hook or by crook. X)
I practised like NEVER before. Well, for this year.
It was somehow EXHILARATING.
I headed for tuition, and ANOTHER tuition after THAT tuition…
THEN, I rushed to PIANO for my TRIAL TEST, RIGHT AFTER THAT TWO TUITIONS. After FOUR HOURS of studies, I had to eat in the car -chicken rice by mummy- and walk into ice with a mouth full, chomping away.
I don’t know whether I was trembling/shivering, whether it was the nerves/air-conditioner, but Fione noticed. HAHAAHA
I did WAYYY better than before. I’m not sure whether it is because the 10y/o mozart wasn’t there or that I simply got better because I practiced and took Ghee’s advice of COUNTING IN MY HEART.
*-It gets distracted at the beginning but training youself to feel and count the beats of the music/scales you are playing helped calmed me down and relaxed my tense fingers a lil =)-
I was relieved that Ms.Koay said I improved a THOUSAND TIMES compared to 2 weeks ago.
I can’t believe how it bumped me when the whole trial test was over. like, DANG, back to studying =(
Pray for a Pass,

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