Art, Talks and Air-Conds

Today, it was CAREER DAY in our school.
Well, I like to correct that.
I think EDUCATION FAIR is more suitable…its not like we get to talk to people with awesome careers…
its a DAY where colleges, unis and agents for higher education come to give us counselling and blaaa advice.

For Form 5 students, we fill our whole school hours with talks today.
Initially, I chose:
Pre-U (Disted)
Art and Design  & Mass Com (Dasein Academy)

I got kicked off the Pre-U talk since there were too many people attending it…

but I found out in the end they DON’T TAKE ATTENDANCE.

ANYWAYS, the booths was in the school hall. I went with Juan Wen and we met DOE CHAN!
I was preoccupied with enquiring from Art and Design schools… I KNOW.
So far, my favourite is just…


The cover is even made up of RECYCLED paper! How impressively unique.

The programs are good, they have MORE courses than others present today (Nan Yang Academy, Raffles, Dasein, Equator).

I don’t understand how NAN YANG is good. since they REJECT ABRSM students. WTF.
So what I don’t have piano lessons EVERYDAY. It’s the PASSION!!!
OH!!! and I was one of the lucky FOUR students in our ENTIRE school to get this:
from Raffles since the came to fill the booth last minute.
EVERYONE kept asking me where I got it and where mad when they knew it was limited X)


Laselle’s campus looks awesome. But the down side of it is that I have to make up my mind whether I want to pursue ART or MUSIC in the first year…
THE MAIN POINT I want to go to SCAD is because of is wide range of courses!
I get a taste of everything during the FOUNDATIONS!!! then I get a clearer view of WHAT I WANT and am more passionate about…
There is this other BOARDING school in Canada I’m interested in…
The downside?


but the awesome part is that the pre-U course is SIX MONTHS.
And I get to take SIX SUBJECTS! ONE each MONTH!

AND it is recognized in ALL COUNTRIES!!!
But I doubt that mummy will be happy when she sees the price. yikes.
I guess its either INTI followed by my dreams

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