Cross Rain & Fish

Today was my last time to be able to attend my school’s CROSS COUNTRY.
AND I DIDN’T WIN ANYTHING. DAYUM. I didn’t think I stand a chance…
SHOCKING! EE JEAN WON 5th PLACE! Yi wei? 11th.
I was with Jia Yin all the way. It was all work no play for us at first, Jia Yin was good. Healthy =)
SURPRISINGLY, it was raining HEAVILY like cats and dogs when we arrived station 3.
OH OH!!!
the route was from our school field,
through Taman Gottlieb -the housing area near primary-
to youth park’s hill’s station 5, then down through the moon gate route,
back to our school field.
I guess our school didn’t care about the rain.
Then we got lazy when we jogged back to school since Jia Yin was being obsessed with her wet hair! hahaha. trying to look into car’s side mirrors…fiddling with her hair clip
Anyways, I got a crappy stack of paper.
and a Cert.
OH. The free ice cream this year is CHEAP and SUCKS. SERIOUSLY. ICE CREAM WITH JELLY?
Its not that is tastes eeekkky, but…who eats JELLY & ICE CREAM anyways after a CROSS COUNTRY?
It was a long wait and FINALLY, I got to WALK HOME. YIPPEEE for ME.
AND. mummy made me dip into the koi pond to trap guppies…SWELL.
soaking fishy,

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