Fishy Acid Fever


I excused myself from school at 10am today due to a MASSIVE HEADACHE.
and I found out that I had FEVER.
I called mum and can’t believe how she responded…
“Just BEAR for a few more minutes…”
But my friends around my desk kept begging me to go home so that I won’t pass my VIRUS to them.
AWESOME. Thanks.
Mummy came for me. I went home and NAP ALL DAY…till tuition that is.
Mum thinks I got sick from drenching myself in acid rain and fish water from Saturday…
pfffsstt. Thanks for the fish water MUM.
Drats, I hate looking sick. It’s such a drag.
And I can’t believe I’ve been forced to swallow 2 HUMONGUS pandols 3 times a day!!!
I wanna cut of my nose when I have flu…

draggy groggy,

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