House Concert


TODAY. Was a special day at my Piano Teacher’s house…
she held our…I’d say ANNUAL House Concert. -almost-

I went by late since I had Chemistry tuition till 10.30am and the concert IS at 10.30am.
When I stepped into the living room, just about to sit my butt down,
my name got called out by the Emcee of the day -Shi Nee-
Yep. I took my book along.
I did slip up here and there and it was not my best…but I delivered. I guess.
DANG. The 10y/o genius Her Yong played Sonata in C from Mozart! But I’m proud to say that I can play FASTER than her X) HAH!
and I just found out she’s taking her GRADE 8 VIOLIN this year. Dang is she psycho…
I bet she doesn’t have a life. Unless she likes THAT life full of LEARNING.
The concert was short. SERIOUSLY short.
Some people even messed up a JAY CHOU’s song. -no offense-
I told dad to come by at 12.30pm…sooo…I had at least AN HOUR before he came for me…
I was awkwardly grabbing food, then Ms.Koay told me to go into the kitchen.
There was Fione, Aemy & Kim -Ms.Koay’s pride and glory-
It was almost easy being with them compared to my friend’s friends.
We talked about studies…
I had no idea Fione would like Medicine.
And rambled on about twilight to their High School embarassing moments. It was nice to take my mind off reality for a while since it didn’t felt REAL to me somehow…
After nibbling on more nuggets somemore, daddy finally came for me =)
Anyways, photos were posted up! Photographer of the day: Fione Mok
JAYSUS does my hair look AWWFUL.

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