Make-up Trial Exam


My other made-up TRIAL TEST for my Piano Practical Examination.
Kar Yin & Jia Yin came over to my place to watch/listen to me play piano.
It wasn’t as nerve wrecking as before cause I feel MUCH MORE PREPARED than before.
Kar Yin said my first song sucked. Which dampened my spirits and shook me a lil.

But my second song was impressive to them both =)
so was my third song.

Although they were argueing over candy like small kids when I was playing the pieces,
*The Veronicas Untouched ringing in the air*

And then we went on Youtube to witness some piano greats…
Jay Chou’s Piano Battle in Secret, his talent on improvisation
Maksim’s unmistable talent and flair on speed with his spidery fingers…….
LOOK AT how SMUG he is at the end!
It is these piano players with extreme aesthetics in music that jolts me right back to why I love music…
I hope I pass or at least get a MERIT?

Wishful Thinking,


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