Retirement, Farewell & PRESENTS!



I could say that today was an Eventful day.

It’s the day where I should be crying for being old…


I attended both my Library & KRS’s Farewell today.
I went to my Library’s 53rd Anniversary and Farewell first. It started earlier, and to be frank,

I was looking forward to this one more…

Besides these two societies, Pandu&Renjers are also holding their Farewell today.
The invitations said 8.30am but the whole shebang started at 9.00am as expected.
Lets see…The backdrops were alright. But not a WOW factor.
They could’ve done better. We, Form 5s sat in front. I was wedged between CHIN LING and YI WEI. -JOY TO THE WORLD-
It started off kinda cold & quiet…
The Emcee of the day was my ALMOST JUNIOR- the cute Hui Min and Jui Yeh.
Boi, does Jui Yeh remind me of Last year’s Form 5 Hui Mei…-boiish but femine at the same time-
The first item was the OC DANCE. okay. THAT marvelled me.
Mainly because, ALL the OCs danced TOGETHER. -even though they weren’t in sync and were bumping each other and all-
Our OC performance last year? Practiced a Day BEFORE? …

BOI does Hui Min now how to SHAKE it and be FLUID. She DOES reminds me of myself. X)
Then, Cinderlla 2 by the form 2s. It was alright. Funny at parts. But Chin Ling started shouting snarky comments -trying to be funny?-
and it bugged YW.
I was screaming along for support =)
How noble of me XD
I think I made the most racket that day. -Xin Yi was running between her Renjer’s Farewell and this-
I mean. Most of the Form 5s were supportive and into the anniversary…unlike MOST of last years senior…seemed like they were in their own world…unaware of the booming music and all…
For me,
the HIGHLIGHT of the day was
the FORM 1 interpretion of LIBRARIAN INTERVIEW!that was HILARIOUS!!!
It suddenly hit me, WHERE WAS tasha today?
I don’t know…

There was a LUCKY DRAW too…
-wonder where they got all the money with just RM5 per person-
OH! turns out, Pn.Goh FUNDED them half of the cost…and we had to be soo careful with our money last year…pppuuuwieee…
It was long after that, a few songs, a few dances, -yup, a lot of SEXY dances today…as yan xin said”Black, White & Sexy theme”
that it was LUNCH TIME!
We WERE having chicken chop as anticipated. Nothing else to that combination. Well, there was Ribena! oh, the good old days…
I saw lynnie at OUR library’s anniversary…
Just when I remembered Qiu Yuan told me Lynnie couldn’t attend KRS’s anniversary because she was on PUASA and couldn’t BEAR seeing people eat…
It’s OBVIOUS that she isn’t commited to KRS ONE BIT anymore.
How psychic I was to have booted her COMPLETELY off the KRS’s AJK grid…
After a few more performances and lucky draws…-I was pushed on to lucky draw and DANCE…-

Their presents all looked sooo expensive this year. The presents to US form 5 AJKs.
I hugged Kei Hui. Awww…
I got the chance to snap shots with our last years juniors!
Ching Fong didn’t attend this time…=( and Zher Wei was at Renjers…=((
not forgetting, THIS year’s juniors.
I can’t believe Shun Qi pecked me on the cheek..bleh.
Sharel was in too.
Not much crowd this year, I got a piece. =P interesting choice, LYCHEE cake.
It was 12.30pm when I got to Komtar, Restaurant Wonderland for my KRS’s Anniversary & Farewell.
The mood and setting was kinda dull when I got there. But Deborah was slaving away…
THIS also had LUCKY DRAWS…and A LOT of lucky draws if I may add.
The form 5s were helping me count the votes on the AJKs…
I’m not gonna say anything MORE on that HERE. HAH.
BUT, it was nice to not have to be strict, FOR ONCE. ahahahah. I played along with the OCs as they pleased. I didn’t eat but Renee said that the food was “Okay” and made a face. HAHAHH.

I announced 2011’s KRS AJK!

I FINALLY got to pass down the throne!

At least there was response from the noisy form 3 crowd. STILL a response X)
I feel kinda bad for Elaine, but she was holding up fine. =) I hope.
Anyways. IT’S RAINING GIFTS TODAY!!! Besides gifts from juniors, I FINALLY GOT MY KE$HA CD FROM RED FM!!!

All the best to y’all!

Librarians, keep on the spirit and never let juniors over throw you.
KRS AJKs, DON’T SLACK. Be on the grid of EVERYTHING. Don’t BREAK the RULES. Make KRSians more ACTIVE!!! -or rowdy if you prefer X)-

‘May angels watch over you’



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