Nintendo’s Gaming Revolution

I know this is old news, but I was really out off the loop for months.

I just found out that Nintendo is working on a new Nintendo-GameBoy-Portable-Gaming device – NINTENDO 3DS

I’ve been a nintendo kid ever since I was little. I never played their first invention, but I started off with Game Boy. BLACK AND WHITE.


Years later, GameBoy COLOR.

Then, came Game Boy Advance which introduced new game cartridges half the size of the original.

Then came a sleeker design, the Game Boy Advance SP.

Then came the all new idea of TOUCH SCREEN gaming, the Nintendo DS

Then a not so bulky design but with the same concept – Nintendo DS lite

Soon, came something newer on the market, a gaming device with a built in CAMERA – Nintendo DSi



NINTENDO 3DS, which is a lot like DSi. Just a WHOLE LOT BETTER.

When we watch 3D, in movies, broadway…we were always required to put on fugly 3D glasses for the 3D experience and when we take them off to watch it, there’s a whole bunch of shadow-lines in the scenes.


Nintendo’s done it again. RAISING THE BARS.

They are inventing a new Nintendo Portable-gaming device, which has gamings in 3D! and DOESN’T need us to put on ANY 3D glasses whatsoever.

The fancy thing is that, there will be a slider where you can SWITCH from 3D to 2D and vice versa when you are playing!!!

E3 this year was EPIC.

How I wish I was there. Heard of nintendo dogs? NOW, they are improving the game to nintendo dogs + cats!

“We’re using the inner camera to recgonize the player’s face. If you put your face close to the screen, the dog will come up close to the screen and actually lick your face. Its adorable.”-Hideki Konno, Entertainment Analysis & Development

They are even trying to pull off FACE RECGONITION! REALLY setting the bars up WAYYY high.

A bunch of other wii games were featured during the convention.

The legendary LEGEND OF ZELDA, the whole new EPIC MICKEY, KIRBY, and LOADS more.

E3 was really inspiring.

When giving a demonstration on THE LEGEND OF ZELDA on wii, the presenter gave such enthusiasm that was like a kid playing it for the very first time and being fascinated but the game.

Engrossed. It shows such passion for his work on a whole new level. Very inspiring.

They even introduced games and the Nintendo 3DS with such an amazement in their tones.



EPICNESS always from Nintendo!!!

forever Nintendo,



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