Count Up

As I said in my previous post, I’m FINALLY DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL. No more pinafore, no more having to wear white shoes with white socks that are up to half my thigh, No more bearing with the teacher, No more having to worry about whether my hair is too long and that the discipline teacher is gonna chop it off… the scent is weak and faint, but I smell it, it’s the sweetest thing that I’ve ever come across till this point…SWEET FREEDOM. Approaching me slowly like a small and peaceful tidal wave, brushing my feet which were dipped in the cold but coarse sand with the sun rising and the first sunlight burning against my skin…

It’s the sense of a NEW BEGINNING.

People like to count DOWN to things that were anticipating, events that were looking forward to. Counting down to New Years on New Year’s Eve, Counting down to Christmas on Christmas Eve, Counting down to Prom Night cuddling with your Prom date, Counting down to Graduation by intensely following the hand of the clock at every second, Counting down to your wedding day while staring at the reflection with you in your wedding gown, Counting down to the birth of your baby while sweating at every twitch…

Yes, but since this is about resurrecting my blog, I’m gonna revive the good old days I had in the past few months. Stay with me no while I count up 10 checkpoints in my Seventeenth year on this planet!

Get ready for the Count Up to 10!!!

Counting UP!




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