WordPresser Graduates High School

Two weeks ago, I sat my last paper for my Final Exam in High School.

In America, this exam is probably called the SATs which you guys take on your Grade 12.

But for our Final Exam in Malaysia, we take what is called – SPM (Sijil Peperiksaan Malaysia) In translation, Malaysia’s Certificate Exam.

So, I think it has been approximately 2-3 months since I blogged! WOW. I seriously ought to vouch that Imma update my  blog in a more timely matter, cause blogging about a week of awesomeness, isn’t really awesome after all. Ahahahha.

Well, I know since I started this blog, all I blog about is events occurring in my daily life. But, I made an after-high-school-resolution to start blogging about topics that are dear to me, stuff that are relatable, shit that happens to us human beings, human nature, and much more to keep you guys wondering and thinking more about what is life =)

So, here goes nothing. I stopped my “How I Met Your Mother Marathon” and I am about to start blogging like I’m talking to a long lost best friend =D

Hope the internet connection won’t fail on me now! WordPress is seriously hard to load, my connection is like a kid trying to talk like a grown up to load it. Is it just me or is wordpress SERIOUSLY difficult to load? Maybe is the guy sharing the same roof as me that’s hogging the internet.





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