Count Up – No.1


23rd of October was going to be my Graduation DAY and NIGHT. Well, I guess you can call the graduation night my prom? But we don’t get to wear fancy dresses nor flaunt our boyfriends. Instead, “prom night” in PCGHS was all about worrying about your performance.

You see, -Caution, long explanation ahead, skip if you wanna cut this- for your “Prom Night”, every class in the senior year had to perform at least one item. Our very united class decided to do an acapella involving EVERYONE. So, after multiple auditions and rehearsals, it’s time to find an outfit for the performance, and the dress code was BLACK DRESS for everyone.

Hence, the DRESS HUNTING for a LBD, Little Black Dress.

Of course, I wasn’t surprised that hunting for something basic and simple is not easy in Malaysia. I’m a more, simple kinda gurl. No,I don’t like poofy dresses or lace-filled dresses. I could just fall in love with a basic maxi black halter dress.

Moreover, it was FREAKING HARD to find a dress that meet my budget and is a dress I absolutely LOVE. I mean, no point buying a dress I don’t like and never will wear again right?

I actually have NO IDEA what kind of black dress I was looking for. I just knew that I wanted to get a dress that I LOVE. Not like, not average…LOVE.

First, Mummy took me to Queensbay Mall (QBM) cause it has cheaper dresses in stores like Forever 21.

These were what I tried on there:

Ahh well, it’s AVERAGE, but I guess I wanted something more formal. More WOW factor, well, at least for me. I actually loved the long sleeved poofy skirt black dress but it was a little ill fitting at my arms.

We then had DOME =D

Good old coffee.

Alright, this is TOTALLY not a black dress, but it caught my eye. It is SOOO ME, and RARE – THIS DRESS!!!

And it looks good on me, doesn’t it?

Punk rock CHIC.

Seriously, I normally only find these awesome stuff that suits MY STYLE in TOPSHOP or MNG which costs a BOMB. But this was at a really reasonable price! Less than RM80 for a dress that is lined. AWESOME. This new shop I discovered, is called Kitschen, it is actually a branch out from Nichii. I guess this store caters more to teenagers. Is it just me or the quality is seriously better than Nichii?

Few days later, Mummy took me to Just Wardrobe and Gurney Plaza. Just Wardrobe had a simple dress that was to my liking, but I did not fell in love with it. That’s why I decided to try out Gurney Plaza too, to keep my options open. Hey, I don’t wanna regret buying it and then seeing something else more awesome!

So, I practically walked into every store with dresses in Gurney. Before MEETING my “Prom Dress”, there were actually some stellar dresses that I loved back at the MOD HOUSE. But they were pricey. =S

@The Mod House

It looked really modern and rock at the same time. Sleek. BLACK. Hahaha.

FINALLY, I saw something I LOVEEE at the 2nd Last Shop I went into. It was SALABIANCA, known for is extravagant embroidery. But I found something soo simply but nice, really didn’t expect to see it in Salabianca actually since their shop mostly stocks clothes for women. Now, I found this flair black dress with an empire waist and SKULLS on the skirt! HOW PUNK ROCK AND ME IS THAT! Thank goodness mummy approved and had a member card. Or I never would’ve gotten it!

-heh, will show it to you in my GRADUATION post-

Besides my “Prom Dress”, I bought an ISSEY MIYAKE watch…AT F.O.S.

OH! Finally bought The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’s Soundtrack =) Heavy and Draggy Dark songs, HERE I COME

That is it for the FIRST significant event of my COUNT UP!!!

Passionate Hunter,



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