Count Up – No.2


The day after I did arm exercises with my “Chemical” Water Bottle, I was badly ill. It started out as flu and headache and POOF! OH! I HAVE FEVER. I had to get my mum to pick me up from school around 8am. You know what? Mummy QUESTIONED me. As if I’d even consider to call her if it wasn’t unbearable.

I had a terrible headache and my body temperature was soo hot that my FRIENDS told me to GO HOME and not PASS my disease to them. =.= What awesome friends I have.

Anyways, it was the RIGHT CHOICE to go home. It took 3 days for me to fully recover to my normal self. For 2 Nights, I was SOO COLD that I put on gloves to sleep with a THICK Jacket.

Yep, no air-conditioner, just a slow fan to let the air in the room circulate to not stimulate more mucus running out of my nose!

Who knew I would be THAT sick on THIS PARTICULAR year. My SENIOR year. I always thought that I was as healthy as a horse!

Old Horse,




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