Count Up – No.3


Yep. Actually, in our High School, Graduates are only allowed to wear the crappy graduation T-Shirt made by the committee with Skirt or Pants which are at least knee length. LAME.

Luckily, the PERFORMERS get to dress awesomely!

As I was one of the performers for Graduation Night, I was required to put on make up as I was told the stage lights makes one look pale. So, I was fretting on what make up to put on since I’ve never done my own make up! YEP! NEVER EVER!

Most of my friends are letting the pros do it but, seriously, I don’t think it is worth spending RM100+ to make yourself beautiful for a make-believe “Prom Night. So, time for some tips and examples! CELEBRITIES!

I decided to take some tips from the Sexy JESSICA STROUP from 90210 =D

Smokey Eyes?

I thought of Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl to…

But…I don’t think that I could’ve pull of her Dark Panda Eye Makeup!

I AM effin bored of my straight and still-not-shoulder-length-hair. I wanted to do some curls like this:

Definitely, I’m loving Jessica Stroup (Silver in 90210’s) style. It’s totally my style! Not the typical look, a lil quirky but punk rock chic =) JUST MY TYPE!

Point 2, she’s a HOTTIE.

Here is my first attempt, putting make up on:

Not bad for a beginner?

Don’t get nightmares! Sorry if you do!!! =S

Hahaha. Gosh do I hate putting on make up, it’s just SOOO troublesome. =.=

Cosmetic Virgin,



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