You Leave Me Breathless.

Ahhh. Summer Tan. What HAVE you been DOING?!

2011. The ONE resolution I made still hasn’t been accomplished.

I promised myself -well, every year- That I will be on my BEST BEHAVIOR. And try to be Perfect.

Ahhh. Summer oh Summer. No more Slacking, pick up those lazy bones. sumawesomeness NEEDS you to keep it alive. It’s soul is dying.

So, 2011. What’s New?

College hits me. It hits me REAL hard. I liked the change of impact at first but now, it’s overwhelming for me.

The constant need to study AND keep my social life alive and happening is A LOT to juggle. I’ve lost soo much of my “alone time” where I can reflect and just arrange my thoughts, clear my head…

I miss doing that. Going to the gym and just working out while listening to my playlist of music…

Is college sucking the life out of me? I guess I need to find an intersection point, like a balance.

I’ve gotta resist temptations and know my limits. Stop making my life suck so much.

College, quit sucking away all of my air, I need to take a breather.

My first semester break is over. What a waste it was. I wanted to make the most out of it, to reinvent and straigthen things out, find that control to my life. What an epic fail that was. I was having a productive streak for the first week but then the temptations of social life got the best of me. Now I need to just quit whining and procratinating… I’ve gotta take action.

Time has always been a factor. 24 hours a day isn’t enough for me to juggle it all. I’ve gotta spread the work load and all.


dont’ make your life suck anymore.

Live the life you always wanted.


Blogging, Music, Fashion, Passion, Exercise, Health, Future…

Come back to me.

I won’t be gone too long this time sumawesomeness! JUST YOU WAIT!!! ;D Mark my words!

live it up,



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