Count Up – No.10


SPMers! –Gosh that sounded like SPAMMERS when I said that out loud- After our Biology paper, we had approximately 5 days to kill till our FINAL Chinese paper!

Seriously, no one gives a damn about Chinese because it is the hardest to score with their ridiculously high standards!

People were celebrating with their friends and playing hard like their Final High School Exam is FINALLY over.

What did I do?

The FIRST thing I did when I went back home, was booted up my computer, and logged on MSN MESSENGER!

The first person I chatted with? JIA HUI. CCC! DANG, we chatted like weren’t strangers at all!!! It was nice to catch up with her…I felt incredibly comfortable, talking and crapping every darn thing with her =) No editing required!

The Next day, I packed up my room and started stacking up those HIGH SCHOOL BOOKS! HAH! MORE SPACE FOR ME!

I have sooo much planned out after SPM is OFFCIALLY OVER for me. Hopefully you won’t be left out, dear blog =)

sorry that you were =(




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