Count Up – No.5

No.5 – KDU Seminar


It was supposedly an “exclusive” seminar since only a very limited number of students from each school were allowed to participate in this SPM seminar.

It’s exclusiveness made me think that there would be plenty of spot on and useful tips given during this seminar –psychology eh?- The subjects covered were English, Bahasa Malaysia, Additional Mathematics and Modern Mathematics. But it turned out to be more of  publicity stunt, to PROMOTE KDU. =.= Since mostly KDU LECTURERS were the one who gave the talk for the day.

The English was quite informative, at least I learnt something there.

Bahasa Malaysia was kind of a bore.

Additional Mathematics had this hilariously cute and geeky lecturer who keeps saying, quote “Mathematics is like art, very artistic and abstract.” I think he was trying to say that there is a lot of ways to Mathematics and it isn’t a dead subject.

I also learnt some calculator skills from Additional Mathematics which had this really teacher-ly teacher X)

It was alright but not really helpful in whole for SPM. As I said, I guess it was more of a PROMOTIONAL seminar for KDU? Since we got a catalog for KDU…

From our School, Ke Li, Tan Hoay Sean, Gaik Lan, Chia Ying, Eugenia, Bee Tzi, Wan Whee, Hui Xuan…attended this seminar. I also met Yong Sheng and Naomi Tung there.

Lunch and Breakfast was provided.

For Breakfast, We had a Curry Puff and some kuih with a packet drink. Lunch, we had malay rice which consist of Chicken and Kubis. After Lunch, we were all getting bored and some of them even went home.

So, the rest stayed back and took pictures and hunt for junkfood. The junk food hunt was unsuccessful because the canteen at KDU closed early =S

I am proud to say, I stayed till the end of it.  cause most people bolted after lunch.

It was nice to be able to hang out with Bee Tzi and Eugenia for a change =) And I found out that Bee Tzi is actually not too bad despite her talking too much hahhaah.

It wasn’t a bad day, I guess Song Nee not coming gave me a chance to bond with Bee Tzi and Eugenia =)

Learn till the End,



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