Count Up – No.6



It’s the very famous tuition teacher – Baskie’s Chemistry Seminar! Can you believe the duration of seminar  for this ONE subject was 3-5Hours? =O

As expected, wherever it come to Baskie, you ALWAYS have to be at least half an hour earlier than the stated time or you’ll never get a good place to sit.

I arrived around 8am at the Wawasan Open University. I found the Seminar Room easily because I was here before last year under Young Enterprise.

When I stepped into the room…YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME, almost 70% of the seats were taken!

I managed to save a row of seats for Yee Shean and Xiao Shiang. But when Yee Shean came, she dragged me somewhere else with the hopes of finding better seats, so she failed and we lost the seats I initially saved =.=

I ended up sitting with Yi Lin so Yee Shean and Xiao Shiang could sit together =.=

The seminar was alright since we were used to  Baskie’s teaching method.

We waited for almost 30mins until it actually started.

Baskie was in a SUIT! SUIT UP YO! XD

Then, there was a break. The cafeteria was practically “moved” up to outside of the seminar room. But the food was RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE. A plate of measly noodles for around RM3????!?!?!? You’ve gotta be kidding me. So I skipped that. Yi Lin bumped into her friend, so I went to chat with Doe Chan =)

Guess who I met along the way too? Shi Hao…with TAN AIK YONG. Darn Egg Yolk >.<


Yee Shean brought some food to share with us, how nice of her =)

Then the seminar continued after 20mins. That was when I became drowsy… thank goodness I didn’t really fall asleep! I only took short whiles to close my eyes and rest, and wake up again.

This seminar was really informative and I believe his predictions will be spot on. The most I gained from this is a book of notes and tips for last minute cramming!

Nope, NO LUNCH was provided.

So, Yi Lin dropped me home and we exchanged graduation magazines…





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