Count Up – No.7



Uncle Danny the great fisherman went on a fishing trip and came back with great bountiful fish for a feast!

Initially, Uncle Danny wanted to go to get a restaurant to cook the fishes for us to eat there. Then, Auntie Yee Ying INSISTED that she cook and we go to her place for dinner.

We arrived around 7pm and Auntie Guat Choo and Family were there.

Yes, everyone is aware that SPM is 3 days away.

I brought me humble S90 and Yi Lin brought her Nikon DSLR. Yep, Uncle Ong taught me some tricks with my S90 =) NICE. More photos HERE.

We waited for at least…2 hours! Then, Uncle Danny and Family only came at 9.00pm. We FINALLY got to eat.

We had SHASHIMI. GREAT, FRESH SHASHIMI. The Sashimi MELTS in the mouth!!!  It was INCREDIBLELY FRESH TUNA! Caught by Uncle Danny, so THANK YOU Uncle Danny =P

I ate A LOT of that and the fish in the steamboat. Of course, I ate more than Claire and Yi Lin. Because the fish was sooo fresh and sweet!

After that, we went upstairs to the 2nd floor of the House where the Computer was. Yi Lin asked us to write on her keep-sake book.

Then Claire and I went blog-hopping on Uncle Ong’s Mac.

Suddenly, the bored Yi Lin went downstairs. HAhahhaha, I guess she’s ALL GROWN UP NOW huh, because she’s going to UK next year, she’s now HANGING with the adults.

Something Fishy,



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