Count Up – No.8


Alright, there was this Stylist Search by Cleo Magazine that my sister told me about. She even encouraged me to join the contest with SPM just DAYS away.

I thought that this would be a great stepping stone for me, and to be rectified as a girl who has fashion sense so that my parents would consider letting me follow my biggest dream –becoming a Fashion Designer.

The contest deadline was 30th November. At first, I thought of getting the Hs help. Hannah could give me some comments on the styling and Hayley could do the photoshoot for me! Too bad they were not available till December =(

Alright, so basically, all I have to do is Answer 3 simple questions about my favourite designer, brands and trends. Then, send in 3 pictures of outfits styled by me!

Get this: The top 3 finalist wins the latest Canon IXUS digital camera and will be given a page on Cleo to Edit and show off their looks! Then, after choosing the winner from that final round, the winner wins another RM2000 and an INTERNSHIP IN CLEO!!!

How nice would it be to get to INTERNSHIP IN A MAGAZINE. Alright, I know it ain’t Vogue or Seventeen, but it’s something! It still is a stepping stone into the fashion world, right?

The styling part was fun, thrilling but also exhausting. The fun part was, I got a reason to run through my wardrobe, mix and match multiple times, and accessorize. It was exhausting because I had to take a picture of MYSELF, while sneaking up shoes from downstairs up to my room. Then, I had to stomp around upstairs quietly to set the timer on my camera so that my mum won’t notice. The taking photos part was tiring! Because I am no model nor do I have a perfect body nor am I super photogenic! So, I had to pose loads of times in front of the camera and set the timer multiple times until I got the perfect picture!

I will be posting up my contest entry for you guys to comment on my Everything Art Blog REAL soon –

DO STAY TUNE and check it out soon! I’d love to see some comments and all thank you! 😉

Toodles and wish my all the luck in the world!

Strutting to the Goal,



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