Count Up – No.9

No. 9 –A Spectacular Spectacle!

November 2010

In the beginning of November, our school was giving seminars and last minute revision in the school hall, conducted by our school’s teachers.

Almost all the important subjects were covered. These seminars were mostly kind of useful and they gave us some tips…for the last minute people like me. Haha.

Anyways, these seminars were all conducted in the School Hall because over Hundreds of students in the Senior Year are “encouraged” to attend the seminar. So, the teachers used the projectors and technology to conduct the seminar. On the First Seminar, our class stepped into the hall late which forced us to sit WAY behind the hall, away from the projector screen!

So, I realized then that the projector was blurry to me. I was complaining to my friends how crappy the school’s projector was till my friends were like “OMG, You have short-sightedness!”


So, I couldn’t keep the record of not having to wear spectacles.

Mummy took me to the optician and it turns out, my power for both eyes were a mere 25/30. She said I probably need it for college, so mummy bought me a DKNY black frame nerdy spectacles. Yep, I tried on almost all the black framed spectacles within my price range in the shop in 15 minutes. And mummy took an hour to make her decision. Did I tell you that she canceled her order on the spectacles 10minutes after we left the shop?

So, here’s a look with me with glasses. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll need it anytime soon…we shall see!

White and Nerdy? haha.

Fierce Nerd?

Got my game face on, to finish this shizz by capturing it all through my EYESS.

Let’s Do this!

Fierce Nerd,



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