Narnians tangles to Rapunzel


AHHH! The smell of dusty books passed down by years of seniors. I barely touched my textbooks because I didn’t want to lose them!

Since last year, every primary and high school student in Malaysia is entitled to a book load every year! So, we don’t need to BUY textbooks! As for Science Stream students, our last paper was CHINESE! So, we had to return to our DEAR school to return our textbooks as to pass down to the next batch of seniors! –Muahahaha, your turn to suffer!!!- XD

One of my best friend, Jia Yin, lives faraway from school and my house –well, it ain’t THAT far- I took this opportunity to ask her out on a DATE =D

A best friends bonding date =)

I got a free ticket –well, Mummy did- from Metrojaya for watching a movie of my choice at the newly opened 3D Cinemax cinema. Yeah, they only have 3D movies, so there weren’t a lot of choices.

I called a day earlier for reservations and reconfirmed whether I could use the free ticket for Narnia. The operator said yes.

Back to school, I saw Julia!!! My Form Teacher for this year! She was as always, slender and fierce and barking at us to get things done ASAP.

Then, Jia Yin and I was suppose to rush there to catch the 2.15pm movie. Guess what? We LEFT our school at 2.15pm thanks to a certain Miss Goh who wanted buckets from Jia Yin X(

Thank goodness we managed to catch the movie just in a nick of time or else I would personally put the Buckets on Chea How’s head the next time I see her!!! I guess there were a whole lot of advertisements before the actual movie.

Narnia was alright. It was a little boring in the beginning, until they met the Magician. Hahahah, Eustace Useless! And Edmund although was almost deluded by TREASURE, he is still in my opinion the CUTEST in Narnia…not as annoying as Prince CASPIAN. XP

I promised mummy I would be back by 6pm. I think the main reason why mummy allowed me to go out for a movie was because I used the “need-to-use-the-free-movie-ticket-and-not-waste-it” card. =)

Anyways, the dumb thing was the free movie ticket was only applicable for RAPUNZEL that day. Unfortunately, Jia Yin already watched Rapunzel. Dumb Cinemax, I called the day before and the telephone operator said I could use it =.=

So both of us ended up paying for two tickets =(

After that nice movie, we went to Tutti Frutti because I was whining about how my mum never took me there =)

Jia Yin was broke, so only I ate the awesome froyo. =P

After that, we had around an hour left to spare. HELL NO, I wasn’t going to be back EARLIER than expected!!! Gotta appreciate the time we have left and clutch on to it tightly X)

So, I took Jia Yin to Straits Quay to look-see =)

We took some pictures there and I met my KRS senior, Huey Ee!

Ee Jean, Cheng Yen and Charmaine came by to join us too and chit chat =)

It was 5.45pm. Jia Yin dropped me home, but guess what! Mummy isn’t home and I didn’t brought my keys! –oops- Jia Yin was kind enough to wait with me =)

It was a nice bonding DATE with Jia Yin =D I hope I can do more of this. Yep, I’m the jealous type which hates sharing!!! SERIOUSLY.

Thanks Jia Yin. =) Love ya dear! ❤

Cherish Bonds,



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