I went out with Song Nee, Yee Shean, Samantha, Xiao Shiang, Christina and Chiau Thian after 1.00pm which was when we finished our Chinese paper!!!

Me, Song Nee, Samantha and XS packed into Yee Shean’s tiny car and she drove us to Gurney Plaza!

First Stop : SEOUL GARDEN FOR LUNCH! Seoul Garden is an Korean all-you-can-eat steamboat & BBQ –Hence, the SEOUL to the Garden.






























We ate a whole lot there, for around an hour that we were almost late for our reservations at Red Box Karaoke! Luckily, Chiau Thian and Christina finished their lunch earlier than us –despite going to Swimming Club to freshen up after the exams-

CRISIS ALERT : The Student price for Karaoke only applies if you have Red Box’s frickkin MEMBER CARD. I was about to borrow Alicia Thor’s but Wen Fang told us the lady in charge of the Counter was STRICT and checked everyone of their Identification Cards to make sure it was theirs! DANG! That means she would probably know that the Member Card isn’t mine and the owner of the member card isn’t with us! So, we won’t be able to use it!

CRISIS AVERTED : I bought the member card. It was only RM5.00. And even after paying for the member card and my 3 hours of Karaoke, it was CHEAPER than the normal price with was RM20.00++ compared to the student price with Member Card which was around RM10.00.So,I thought, why not make it a win-win situation where my friends would be able to save money too? AND I can use the member card again when my sis comes home since Karaoke is her new “hobby” X)

We had to split out Karaoke to TWO SESSIONS. Song Nee went out to buy a T-Shirt accompanied by Yee Shean because she forgotten to bring one and She wasn’t allowed to wear a school Uniform into red box.  So, the rest of us went on singing ENGLISH SONGS! Then, when she came back, it was time for CHINESE SONGS. I got her to pick as many Jay Chou and Lee Hom songs possible because those are the only Chinese songs I know!

It was seriously fun. I was practically jumping around the room to the awesome tunes we picked out. And the thing about Karaoke is that, when you sing with your friends, you won’t be able to hear your own voice! So, no worries about singing out of tune X)

I went home around 6.00pm and was 10minutes late because Christina’s mum was buying movie tickets. My mum totally freaked out about me going home late =.=

WELL, I had an AWESOME TIME, (Photos HERE) a taste of Freedom and hope there’s more coming my way!!! =D


Like it’s Dynamite,



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