A Very Mistletoe-ful Chirstmas Dinner


Christina’s Church always has this Christmas Dinner every year at one of the people at church’s house. This year, Christina’s parents held this Christmas dinner at their place. So, Christina invited me, a few of her friends and her church people. Well, a few isn’t the right word. Let’s see a full group picture of the TEENS shall we?

So, I carpooled with Kar Yin. As usual, she was kinda late and we were stuck in the traffic jam. We arrived there and the house was packed! There were tents and caterers… We went to Christina’s room which has a karaoke machine and all, with almost everyone she invited in there already. It was nice to see some familiar faces like Wen Xin and Xiao Shiang =)

It was kind of awkward I shall say. The dudes were holding on to the microphone when I was there. Until suddenly, they passed the microphone to Christina then to ME! And gosh, I was a nervous wreck that my voice cracked like a boy having puberty. I guess I needed to WARM UP my voice first.

A while later, we all went downstairs for dinner. Well, not exactly dinner. There were caroling and Christmas songs first with the tons of church people. Too bad, the songs were in CHINESE, so I didn’t get to participate and show off my Christmas spirit! It was kinda awkward for us, as we were sitting down there as they did their thing and prayers.

After that, let the FEAST BEGIN! We ate and sat near the garden, all the girls. It was really nice. The food was just normal Chinese catering food, wasn’t fantastic but alright. After the dinner, we wanted to play some foosball but some kiddos were hogging the table. So, time for taking pictures! After some pictures and group pictures and all of that out of the way, we went for more karaoke. This time, my voice was finally BACK! It was fun. Mostly me, Christina, Jacky and Gabriel were having the microphone. We had a blast.

After that, we went down for foosball while the kiddos come up for karaoke. Kar Yin, Chiau Thian and Christina were kicking the boys’ butts at first. Then, we went downhill cause I sucked? Hahahha. Yeah, a gamer like me sucked at foosball, how devastatingly embarrassing.

It was back to karaoke after most of players soaked their shirts in sweat. I was there for quite a while until one by one, people started leaving and going home. Kar Yin, me, Jacky and Jia Min left Christina’s house around 11pm. Yeah, Kar Yin dropped all of us home before going home, how nice of her.

Mum of course was waiting up for me. She kinda nagged at me a little while I went upstairs but no violent scolding! Did I not mention that she didn’t call me even once that whole night, even though it was 11something and I wasn’t home yet.

All in all, I had a nice night =) A new experience to add in my “blog quests”. More photos from the Night HERE.

Mistletoe Away,



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