Christmas Eve in the Tanjung


This day is basically sum up by my photo album on Facebook HERE.

I went to watch Narnia with my sister at W Cinema at Island Plaza.

I actually watched it before, but Rapunzel was on screening anymore! What a GREAT coincidence. =.=

We hung around island plaza first since our movie was around 4pm. We ate at Dome too =) Then walked around the mall. I hate to admit this, but this is the first time EVER that I’ve slept in the cinema. Well, I slept at 4am last night and I’ve watched this before. So, I slept during the first half of the movie –so did my sis apparently!- and woke up when they found the Wizard and knew their “mission” of the movie.

Thank goodness I don’t have the tendency to snore! That’ll be embarrassing.

After that, we headed to a new restaurant for dinner…FIGO’S! It’s somewhere near Ingolf’s Kneipe.

And here’s what we had: (Mainly we took the Christmas Course/Set Special)


Main Course - Choice 1Main Course - Choice 2

It was nice to have the family together for dinner =) Just like old times… with everyone talking and all. Ahhh…

Hopefully tomorrow is gonna be more awesome! More Awesomer photos here.




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