Nerd vs. the Dork


It’s Nerd and Dork day! Me being the Nerd -cause I don’t mind being one- and my diaper best friend, Claire.

Claire the Dork

Sum. the Nerd

After strolling around Gurney Plaza, we went for Lunch at this new place – 7 Bistro for Lunch, which serves Spanish cuisine.




The food was nice and reasonable for it’s quality.

Then, we headed to GSC to watch Gulliver’s Travels in 3D!

The movie was… meh, silly funny. Not too bad, not overkill, it was alright, but no point watching 3D with this movie as the 3D effect wasn’t very obvious or eye catching, looked like 2D if you didn’t tell me it was in 3D.

We then went to Toys R Us to kill time ;D

Childish Nerd


Anyways, I had a great time just chilling and hanging out with Claire. Good times. After that, we headed home to wait for Yi Lin for our SLEEPOVER ;D More pictures of the afternoon here and More to come next post…




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