Sixsome : Stomp the Island


I’m sooo glad I got to be a part of the Sixsome =)

Jia Yin planned a week ago to organize a trip around Penang Island =D

I was afraid to ask mummy because she was being paranoid about me going out too much lately =.= yep, just WEEK one after SPM and this is what is going down at my house.

So, I decided to ask daddy! I mean, I bet daddy will be supportive about this TRIP, since he’s a hardcore penangite X)

I came up with an idea – I asked him about a bunch of food and hawkers in Penang, asked him where are the places…then, popped the question!  At first, he said “ask mummy.” I was like, “huhhh…”. Then, “Just be careful  huh.”

WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO. I WAS ON CLOUD NINE! Then, I went to tell mummy “Mummy, I’m going out tmr okay? Daddy said okay.”

Hah! TEE-HEE!!!

So, Jia Yin picked me up first at 6.30am =)

We waited for Kar Yin which was obviously, running late. So, we decided to buy some Apom at the Pulau Tikus market’s coffee shop first.

I was assigned as the treasurer of the day by the way! Hahaha.

Finally, we picked up Kar Yin, followed by Ee Jean, Charmaine and Pei En from Ee Jean’s Place. We just found out there was one teeny-weeny problem when we picked the 3 of them up…a Kenari (Boxy Car) can’t fit 4 people behind the passenger’s seats!!!

Ee Jean was practically SITTING on the FLOOR of the car!!!

Thank goodness, we got to our FIRST EATING SPOT : SRI ANANDA BAHWAN, in ONE PIECE.

We had a bunch of “rotis” there.




I prefer the Roti tissue in Kayu actually, and I don’t get why was there pink syrup on the Roti tissue, but it was a nice start to warm up our tummys.

After that, we went opposite to Flamingo Hotel so that we could spend the morning at the beach 😉 Jia Yin wanted to fly a kite but she forgotten to bring the string.

Luckily, she brought some buckets and spades for us to build sand castles. I wanted to go into the waters and had a SPASHLING fun. Too bad no one went into the waters with me although we all brought fresh clothes.

We were building a distorted sandcastle with our BARE HANDS ;D until this dude with a horse came by showing off his horse which was doing tricks and lie on the beach for us to take photographs. When the horse got up, it kicked Ee Jean’s toe and it started bleeding. Goriness, awwwh yeah.

The dude then kept offering us a deal, RM10 per person for 6 people or RM15 per person for 4 people. I wasn’t too excited about it because well, I didn’t think it was worth it to spend that money on riding a horse… briefly, but Pei En was excited about it, so we all decided to ride on the horse so that Pei En could get to ride on the horse on a cheaper rate. The dude with the horse was kinda… over the top. I think he didn’t get to realize his dream to become a photographer because he was hogging my camera all the time when we were on the horse. Ee Jean was the first to ride the horse, followed by Jia Yin and Pei En. When Pei En was riding along the beach, me, Charmaine and Kar Yin were “discussing” an important matter…who would be the 4th person to ride the horse because actually, 3 of us weren’t too excited about spending money on riding the old horse for less than 10minutes. I became the bigger person and rode the horse.After me, the dude convinced Charmaine to just hop on the horse to take pictures, same for Kar Yin.

It was just suppose to be taking pictures for FREE on the horse, the dude said he wouldn’t charge them but in the end, they were charged RM10 while we had to pay RM15. You wouldn’t believe how afraid Kar Yin was about riding the horse!!! XD LOOK at this video.

More photos HERE

After that, we went to switch the car. Jia Yin had to return the Kenari to her mum,

so we now could use Pei En’s Myvi.

We drove to Pei En’s house then to Jia Yin’s mum’s office to return the car after that. Then, we were off to Air Itam for Laksa! The famous laksa! ;P


Jia Yin and I shared a bowl while the others ate one bowl each. I have no idea why but the Laksa’s soup was kinda diluted this time. It wasn’t like that the last time I ate it =S disappointing.

Kar Yin also ordered Lobak and spring rolls.

BUZZ KILL. Pei En realized that she couldn’t find her purse =O So, we decided to go back to Jia Yin’s mum’s office to check her car and Pei En’s place to find it. The journey then in the car was awkward, dead silence and serious. Pei En decided to call her mum to cut off her credit card just in case.

Yes,we found her purse in Jia Yin’s car. I expected that, hahaha, that she would freak out and all when it was actually silly in the end, haha.

After that, I took them to Pulau Tikus Market to get Pasembur –mum’s favourite stall-


I ordered the Pasembur for 4 people. It wasn’t nice to have to buy drinks again and pay for the parking just eating one thing. Shocking how Charmaine and Ee Jean said they were FULL after that!

From Jia Yin to Ee Jean, now it was PEI EN’S turn to drive. She drove us to Giant. WHAT AN “AMAZING” EXPERIENCE.

We drove in circles for a while and it took a while to get to our spot, in the end, Ee Jean drove the car.

We parked at New World Park –dumb idea cause it was expensive- Then Pei En went to buy her stuff while Jia Yin and I went to get Coconut Jelly ;P


After picking up some Coconut Jelly, we went to Kar Yin’s mum’s goldsmith shop as Jia Yin and Kar Yin wanted to pierce their ears! It was kinda funny to see their expressions. Well, no one CRIED or SHREIKED or anything melodramatic XD

Back to the Myvi, Kar Yin’s turn to drive. I guess the afternoon heat was getting to us back seat passengers –Me, Ee Jean, Charmaine and ESPECIALLY Pei En- She was sooo noisy that Charmaine was frustrated and irritated by Pei En. Got these crazy videos on my facebook to remember them by 😉

We were on our way to Lorong Selamat for Char Koay Teow when Pei En asked us to stop by a stall which sold “Oo Gui” which was near her house.


I’ve never been there before. There was an old lady at this stall, one-man-show, and we ordered this Chinese dessert (Tong Sui) known as Oo Gui. It has that white crunchy fungus thingy, Jelly, logan and ice cubes with a slice of lemon.

It started drizzling so we gulped it down and rushed to the car.

Off to Komtar now, still, Kar Yin drove. We took a big round and round JUST to get to Komtar there for the Ice Kacang and Chendol then I found out they didn’t want that new shop outside Prangin Mall.

So, we finally got to Lorong Selamat for Char Koay Teow, Oyster Omelette, Rojak, Ice Kacang and Chendol.


The guy frying the Char Koay Teow was wearing goggles when like he was blowing glass XD It was, meeehh, okay.

The ice kacang and chendol tasted HORRIBLE! The water tasted weird like they used polluted water or something for it…yuck.

We also ordered Oyster Omelet and Rojak


FUNNY MOMENT : The parking attendant, placed the parking ticket into a PLASTIC BAG! –how cute! Cause it was raining…-


We headed back to Abu Siti Lane which was across Giant Supermarket, to buy some coconuts –again, just me and Jia Yin- We drank and ate the coconuts in the car, on our way to Gurney Plaza cause Pei En wants to pierce two more extra holes on her ears.

We kinda looked stupid holding coconuts in Gurney Plaza, so we threw them at the Parking lot bins. Epic failure in finding some shop that would pierce for Pei En. So, we ended up EATING at Dragon-I, lovely xiu long pao! =P


JUICY Dumplings

After that, we all walked our separate ways as the day was over =(

Kar Yin dropped me home and boy was I beat!

All in all, it was hell of a day, filled with joy and awesomeness…and new experiences =)

I finally can check off “foodies day with friends” off my to-do-in-life-list. Only millions more to go, YAY.

-Full Albums On Facebook = Photo Album 1 Here and 2 Here

Foodie Penangite,



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