Stay up till 4 in the Morning till Flapjacks are Sizzling


It’s the sleepover we three have been waiting for!

Threesome: Claire, Yi Lin, Me

We had a Japanese dinner prepared by mum first. Thanks mum =) You’re DA BEST.

After that, Claire and Yi Lin decided to “educate” me with Harry Potter by letting me watch a Harry Potter Movie – The Goblet of Fire.

After that, it was snack time… Marshmallows!

Boredom came

We woke up around 8 the next day -we slept around 4 in the morning like the blog post title states 😉 –

and I helped mum prepare pancakes (flapjacks) for breakfast!

Pancakes with Ice Cream & Cherry

Pancakes with Jam & Grapes

All in all, we had an awesome time with food and being crazy random at crazy hours of the day. I guess this will have to last us for a long time since college and uni time for us… we’ll not be seeing each other for a while then =( Memories to last HERE.

Awesome Threesome,



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