The Christmas with Iron Chef (Plastic Chef), Master Chef and Top Chef


It’s Christmas day and Sis is gonna be the Chef of the Day =D

She’s inviting An Yen and her sister, An Yong along for dinner too. Too bad daddy is on call today but he stuck around till dinner time and didn’t get paged! Goodie! Chrismas miracle? 😉

The preparation started off with my attempt to bake S’mores Éclairs using Donna Dooher from Cookwork’s recipe (recipe HERE). I was supposed to do most of it but of course, sis helped then mum came along. I think the recipe weren’t specific enough so we were blur on some steps. However, the consistencies of the mixture for the éclairs were too runny, that’s why we baked them in muffin trays! Sigh, what a bummer. It tasted alright tho’. Daddy also came in the kitchen occasionally to put his passion fruit and jackfruit yoghurt on every damn thing we made! Hahaha.

Mum was then up to bake daddy’s Birthday cakeOreo Cheese Cake… with bits of Oreo chunks in it and an Oreo base! *Drooling* It is actually Philadelphia’s recipe! But we didn’t use Philadelphia’s cream cheese!

After that, around 3pm, sis got cooking. I guess I was pastry chef of the day since bro became sis’s sous chef =S He was trying to be funny all the time. It was nice to see the whole family in the kitchen together, laughing together and working together =)

We finished cooking and all around 6.30pm. Time to bath!

Got dressed then the guests were here, well, two of them – An Yen and An Yong. Sis mixed a cocktail White Wine with Sparkling water, Cranberry juice and Apple juice.

Dinner started with the seven of us =) Daddy too! What a family dinner =D good times…

Everything was tasty, some a little off but still, the effort and love put into the preparation of the dishes could be tasted!

Appetizer - Stuffed Tomato

stuffed with Avocado & Tuna

The pork was a little dry and tough but the apple sauce was nice and made it less dry! ;P

Main Course

Of course, my dessert was YUMMEY =) An Yen also brought some peri-peri prawns her mum made.

Peri-peri Prawns

So basically, we ended up drinking the cocktails and talking on the dining table! And of course, daddy and me washed the plates. After dessert of course…

Dessert - S'mores Eclairs (Improv)

Dad's Bday Cake

Oreo Cheese Cake

After that, we watched Gabriel Iglesias, a comedian, fat Latino dude. Really hilarious! He does freestyle, telling us about funny stories in his daily life about cops, his girlfriend and stuff. We makes GREAT sound effects too! Like cars, closing car doors… awesome. I fell asleep halfway so An Yen and An Yong went home around 12am.

It was a nice and serene Christmas Night 😉

Merry Christmas y’all!




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