The One where Gurney got Pwned!


Me, Sis, Bro and Gyfer went out for New Year’s Eve Night for once after my many years of New Years! We went to G Hotel, Miraku for Dinner. It was a good day… the day I got my drivers license and all =) yep, I totally Aced the test today!

G Hotel

Gyu Toubanyaki Zen

My “Plating” of Beef

After Dinner at Miraku, we heading to Gurney to just stroll around till it was time for our Movie – The Tourist.

Well, I don’t know whether it was because I’m a lil prejudice and don’t fancy Angelina Jolie as an actress or person matter of fact, the movie was just… okay okay for me. The plot was interesting but it felt kinda dry for my liking. At least there was Johnny Depp there to pull it up a lil. But Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp just didn’t have that… chemistry on screen.

The movie ended around 11something, around half an hour more till Midnight, 01/01/2011.

So, we headed to Gurney walkway for the countdown scene. It was CROWDED and noisy like crazy.

I don’t know whether it was just me, but the fireworks at Gurney was lag and noob.

Gurney Fireworks

It was slower than the fireworks at BUTTERWORTH. and their fireworks lasted for at least 10 minutes while ours lasted for what… 1 MINUTE?

Butterworth Fireworks

So yeah, Gurney totally got Pwned by Butterworth and even STRAITS QUAY =.=

Anyways, we went home with Sis’s friend also and popped open a bottle of wine, toast in to the New Year, 2011!

2010 was great, and I’ll always have the memories.


May this be your year for Wonders.

More photos from the Night (Countdown) HERE.




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