My Fashion Pivot Point

Let this be a new and fresh start to my blogging habit and lifestyle.

Granted, the whole long “I will not fall off the wagon this time.” speech is overused by me to the point where it probably means nothing. Hopefully the fact that I’ve turned 21, and am no longer a teen will have significant impact – enough for me to balance it permanently.

Not entirely sure that I have covered this enough, but I really started a blog for Fashion reasons. At about the age of 12/13, I was absolutely positive that Fashion Design (or Fashion and Art in general) was my future path, it was my passion (and could very well still be) and there was that fire in me to have fashion play a major role in my life.

WHAT triggered this dream and seemingly impossible thought for someone of my Asian Family Background (sure, my parents are pretty open-minded. But of course, in their eyes, I was destined for greater things)?  TWO WORDS:

Picture 2014-08-01 17_46_04





Of course, at that age, almost every girl susceptible to a lifestyle of beauty, the rich and fabulous. However, it was not for such reasons that I was drawn to fashion. Project Runway gave such insight to the designing process, manufacturing and what hardship, work and skill these designers have to undergo and possess in order to achieve success and recognition by people who matter in the industry. It amazed me. I was hooked and it sparked me to want to do exactly that.

As insecure as I was back then of myself in many ways, watching Project Runway was my way of seeking comfort:

That sense of getting the same feels and response towards designs as the judges (especially Nina which is almost always spot on) makes me happy and boosts my confidence.

With that, I take away “Hey, this just might be what I should be doing!”, as naive I may have sound, no one could shook that burning passion out of me.

With this said, I think that fire is still in me and I will be exploring it further. And, it only seems fitting that my first comeback post should be about this life altering reality show that changed me – my hopes, dreams and views towards things.

Stick around for my next post. Here’s to hoping it won’t be soon before long that I FINALLY get my act together.


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